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Breast Surgery Inquiries? Consult WONJIN BEAUTY MEDICAL GROUP!

Breast Surgery Inquiries? Consult WONJIN BEAUTY MEDICAL GROUP

Only those who have had breast surgery can tell you how exactly it has impacted their lives before and after, and decisively, why it is recommended. Not only does it change the overall silhouette of your body, but it influences your daily life, and the confidence you gain for the future. Hence, for these reasons, it is why so many women endure breast surgery and the excruciating pain and associated timely recovery period.

Despite there being the same type and size of implants, the outcome depends on each individual body types, and most importantly how well the surgery is performed. The internet has an incredible amount of information on mammoplasty, which can be helpful at times, but more often confuses people with misleading and fraudulent information. And more often than not, it leads people into making poor choices. As we are a plastic sugery that specialize in breast surgeries, we would like to enlighten you with tailored consultations, valid informations, and offer the safest surgical procedures.

1. We identify your concerns and determine the best outcome according to your height, weight, bust size, hip circumference, body symmetry, level of sagging, habitual use of your arms, and the job type.

2. The specialist surgeons will customize the type and size of the implant, and the method of surgery accordingly to the body type you possess.

Wonjin recommends 'texture-type' implants to reduce post-op induced pain, and this type of implants does not require massaging. According to the range of arm movements and daily activities, the armpit line, inferior breast line, and the extent of areolar incision will be determined. Wonjin Plastic Surgery only use implants that have been certified and approved for safety by global medical associatations. Round implants or teardrop implants are used depending on the shape of the body. Wonjin is exclusively the only certified hospital to use 'Dual Chamber' implants. For the best natural outcomes, we assist our patients with their decisions.

3. Pre-surgical Medical Check-up

To correctly and safely prescribe the right anesthesia method, blood tests, breast screening, and 50 types of check-ups are performed.

4. Pre-surgery Checklist Precautions are discussed in detail with our patients to ensure their safety. 

 We predetermine the type of implants and the outcome of the surgery with a simulation machine called 'Sizer An anesthesiologist will be present at all times from the beginning of surgery until the end to responsibly ensure the safety of our patient.
And finally, to avoid scarring and bleeding, only small incisions will be made during the surgery.
imgage5 5. We provide thorough post-operational aftercare.

We believe that aftercare is just as important as the surgery itself, to ensure that our patients are satisfied with the results. Therefore, at Wonjin, we provide our patients with antibiotics, pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications, ultrasounds, and scar care treatments, for fast and effective recovery.

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