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Liposuction surgery review

Liposuction surgery revie

Before the Operation - Liposuction surgery review
Eventhough I’ve known Wonjin’s expertise and good reputation for a long time but I can’t stop getting nervous as my operation day is getting closer. I wish the operation goes well so I can regain my body shape when I was so fit.

3 Days After the Operation - Liposuction surgery review
I heard the news about a death due to Anesthesia side effect just before my operation, so I was worried a lot but I trusted Wonjin since they have Anesthesia specialists ready for 24/7. All the staffs at Wonjin including doctors, nurses and coordinators were super supportive. I really should put my efforts in post-operative care and thank them back with my perfect body shape.

7 Days After the Operation - Liposuction surgery review
I still feel little pain when touch my body or move but it’s getting better, as well as the swelling. It seems like my recovery is very fast because my hip is recovering very quickly. I think I fit well with Wonjin!

14 Days After the Operation - Liposuction surgery review
It’s been 2 weeks already. Now I see more define line compare to beginning when I was very swollen. My hips are still in recovery progress but I’m quit satisfied with the result.
I’m going to start exercising from tomorrow. For a slimmer body for the upcoming summer.

One Month After the Operation - Liposuction surgery review
The swelling have almost subsided and it looks natural overall. What I like the most is my hip line and I think I really made a great choice to do the hip lifting. What is left for me is to exercise harder!


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