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The most skillful breast surgery hospital- Reasons to choose WONJIN for Mammoplasty?

The most skillful breast surgery hospital- Reasons to choose WONJIN for Mammoplasty?

The most skillful breast surgery hospital : 
The amount of effort that women exert into beautifying themselves and glamorizing their body cannot go unnoticed. Let’s talk about one of the current hot-trending and sought-after procedures; Breast Surgery, also known as Mammoplasty.

Breast surgery does not always necessarily refer to breast enlargement. For instance, someone with fittingly large breasts may want to contour the shape of their breasts, and someone with sagging or shape-lacking breasts may want a more rigid contour. Furthermore, breast reduction surgeries are also trending for females with excessively large breasts.

The various types of surgeries became available due to the large number of demand for breast contour. When looking at a female silhouette, the size and shape of someone’s breasts have a huge significance on their overall appearance. Moreover, one of the most important functions of female breasts surges during maternity, commonly known as breast feeding. Breast feeding is an extremely important determinant for early infant growth.

As such, not only are breasts important for looks, but also for functionality. And with such significance, would you let yourself trust any random plastic surgeons to operate on you?

Mammoplasty is extremely popular amongst Korean women in all adult age brackets. Women from all over the world visits Korea for mammoplasty, and ‘Wonjin Plastic Surgery’ chiefly dominate the popularity vote. For what reason, you may ask?

Not only, do we have the skillset capacity and capability of a large ‘general hospital’, but our distinctive factor compared to other plastic surgeries is; SAFTEY.

The best hospital for mammoplasty – Wonjin Plastic Surgery           POINT ONE
We have a 1:1 ‘Start-to-finish’ patient services system. The Surgeon-in-chief of all department is the Head of Department of Mammoplasty, thus, rest assured you’ll be in safe hands with guaranteed optimal results.

The best hospital for mammoplasty – Wonjin Plastic Surgery           POINT TWO
The SAFETY of our clients is our NUMBER ONE priority. Prior to surgery, over 50 different types of scientifically proven general health checks to tailor the procedures to the patients’ body conditions.

The best hospital for mammoplasty – Wonjin Plastic Surgery           POINT THREE
SAFEST ANAESTHETIC SYSTEM- Wonjin Plastic Surgery is exclusively the ONLY plastic surgery hospital in Korea to have 6 Professor Anesthesiologist (or Anesthetist), and our anesthetic specialists will be with our patients for the entirety of the surgery.

The best hospital for mammoplasty – Wonjin Plastic Surgery           POINT FOUR
20 years of field experience and expert skillsets. By year count, Wonjin Plastic Surgery historically has the most amount of experience. Over the past two decades, we have come across patients possessing all forms of body shape and sizes, thus we know how to satisfy our clients with tailored results.

The best hospital for mammoplasty – Wonjin Plastic Surgery           POINT FIVE
Wonjin Plastic Surgery is amongst a very few top 1% of all hospitals that are certified and licensed to use new generation implants such as MotivaPremium, and Dual Chamber Teardrop breast implants. Motiva Premium is acknowledged across 60 different countries and only certified surgeons with exceptional skills who are practicing in specialists hospitals are entitled to use them. As a result, Wonjin Plastic Surgery is entitled to exclusivity to deliver the best results for our patients.

The best hospital for mammoplasty – Wonjin Plastic Surgery           POINT SIX
Post-surgery Aftercare System is an extensive program to make sure our clients are well looked-after and cared for, including pain relief care, anti-scarring care, and revitalization programs for boosting immunity.


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