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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Are Korean face masks really good? Korean make it the best!

Have you ever used this particular Korean cosmetic product? You can counter Korean cosmetic product very easily through SNS or Instagram. Out of all this is face mask pack which have gone viral. Are you familiar with 1 mask pack per day? Currently Korea has fad named 1 mask pack per day which is being loved by many.

If you ever watched Korean drama you can easily to see lots of celebrities using face mask packs. Maybe this was the starting of this particular fads and trends. Korean cosmetic and beauty was very big part of Korean culture including boys and girls. These packs are becoming such a huge fad and culture that there are multi face mask packs being open around Korea. These mask packs are very inconveniencing price of 3,000 KRW (about 2-3 dollars) and effect on your skin just by using once. You do not need to go to aesthetic shop and use these mask packs at home in your own time.

In the beginning of Korean mask pack market was very limited for this two kinds: General felt sheet mask pack or peel off mask?? As the industry grown, variety types and upgrade version of packs started to appear in the market. Hot weather affects your skins being tired. In order to take care of other problem, we are going to introduce worth variety of face mask pack. 

1. Cellcera Mask Pack
This was product that was gifted from Korean friend. In famous Korea TV home shopping, this cream has been very popular. They have actually sold out of this cream. Korean cosmetic creams that are found to be effective contain an ingredient known as ample which is also used by companies that deal with cosmetic surgeries as well as pharmacy companies.

2. Sleeping pack – Laneige water-sleeping mask.
It is brand new item for woman who works really hard and busy. You just applied this product before sleeping and letting it stay on your face overnight. You do not need to take off the mask or washing them out. It works really fast compare to your efforts. While you are sleeping, this product restores your skins. But we have to scoop them to use.... I would prefer to use sheet mask pack for sanitary reasons.

3. Lightening Tone up mask pack
I bought this product after getting skin treatment when I went to Korea with my friend who got plastic surgery. I can get a result right after use this lightening tone up mask pack. It makes your skin moisturizing too! Next time when I visit to Korea again, I am sure I will buy a bulk of this pack. It makes me sad that they do not sell in Myeong-dong T.T!

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