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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Using the 'nose surgery' for a better first impression

Is nose surgery important?

A person makes their first impression within 30 seconds of meeting them. Walking past them, making eye contact within 30 seconds of those things a person will make decisions about that person. If you look at it one way it’s scary but you can use it to your advantage as well. If we use it to our advantage, we could influence their decision that’s better for us, on the other hand we might leave a bad impression.

What if while walking you meets your ideal type and within 30 seconds they decide what kind of person I am? What if I went to a job interview and the interviewer decides what kind of person I am within 30 seconds of seeing me? What if I went on a blind date and my partner decides what kind of person I am within 30 seconds? What if I went to a restaurant or a store and the owner decides what kind of person I am within 30 seconds? To have good results, the first impression is very important.

What if they lose interest before I can show my beautiful personality because of my first impression? What is more important my outer appearance or my inner personality?

Why would I need a nose job? 

The nose is the center of the face!

They say that when a person looks at someone’s face they look at the eyes and nose first. The eyes show truth and lies and the nose shows the person’s image. They both are important but today we will talk about the nose.

During Roman times, the Romans promoted people who had beautiful noses. People with beautiful and high nose bridges got promoted first. It is an interesting way to pick. Even now it is no different. Meeting new people, doing a job interview, going on a date, we make decisions based on our first impression.

What place does the best nose jobs?

A lot of people nowadays have nose jobs done.
Nose jobs are now common enough that both males and females. Nowadays are able to say it is not a fake.

You can all a person’s ability to hide their complex their style or skill.
Could you find your own faults? You know what your faults are but you do not know what to do about it?

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