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What is lifting? Is Lifting safe? Lifting before and after photo

What is lifting? Is Lifting safe? Lifting before and after photo

No one hates living young and looking young. Getting younger was human society’s endless research. Not only women, but also men like to look younger. It’s impossible for people to avoid aging, but it is possible to get aged beautifully.
We can entertain ourselves by looking younger than same aged people. Thus the number of people who are seeking for medical help to look younger is increasing.
People used have negative view on this, but more and more people are coming for this as the effectiveness and safety of anti-aging has been proved. Also there are more methods available, and variety of new methods is still in research.

It starts from medications that you can intake, preventing loosen skin by laser treatment, and inserting medical threads to encourage collagen production and lifting drooped skin.

What is lifting? Is lifting safe?
Among the methods that are mentioned above, it said that there is a method that you insert a medical thread. We call this ‘thread lifting’. The threads that are used for thread lifting has been developing overtime through many researches. The thread that is proved to be safe from all sort of medical institution has to be used. So will everything be safe if those threads are used?

The materials used for lifting is important, but the skill of doctor who performs surgery is critically important as well. The result will be unsatisfactory no matter how latest and effective the thread is, if the surgeon’s skill is lacking. It’s like luxuries are well made in artisan’s hand that’s been doing it for all those years, than a fumbling freshman doing it no matter how luxury and fancy the material that freshman uses.

The thread used for lifting creates helpful components that encourage collagen production and skin regeneration when they get inserted into skin. Thus the skin becomes more elastic. Also it is possible to make more elastic face line that is lifted against the direction that it was drooped by inserting threads into suitable direction.

In the case of laser treatments, it helps collagen component production by stimulating inside the skin through wavelength. To make it easier, laser treatment stimulates skin regenerating components by creating invisible scar inside the skin.

What is lifting? Is lifting safe? Is lifting effective?
What is lifting? We already have enough answer for this question. Then how effective is it?

What is lifting? Lifting before and after photo

What is lifting? Lifting before and after photo
(Before and after photo)(This photo has been sponsored by Wonjin beautiful medical group plastic surgery clinic)

This is a photo offered by a plastic surgery that is the best for lifting in Korea. This plastic surgery clinic has the longest history in Korea. Thus they’ve experienced variety of people and have great know-hows which attract many people in Korea and people from overseas.
Is it possible for everyone’s result to be this effective? It depends on individuals. The post-surgery care is most important. No matter what the surgery is, after care is most important. It’s not strange for swelling and bruise to appear as soon as needle pierces our skin, no matter how big the surgery is. Thus smoking and drinking alcohol must be avoided while waiting for bruise and swelling to reduce. Adequate walking exercise and enough water consumption is helpful for swelling reduction. Also you have to follow the doctor’s direction thoroughly.

What is lifting? Lifting before and after photo

The thickness of skin, amount of blood loss, scar and recovery period is all different just like everyone’s appearance is different. It’s possible to reduce swelling and regenerate skin faster if the direction from clinic is well conducted and have nutritional foods during recovery period, which can make the result of lifting more effective.

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