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Anti-aging surgery real review

[Before Surgery- No matter the age, a woman’s desire for beauty
cannot be deterred]

Hi all. I’m here to tell you about how I managed to turn my life around and how I was able to reverse the age of my skin.

I’ve watched myself age and managed to observe noticeable changes for years. Every time I looked in the mirror to see that I’ve let myself go, I began to feel depressed. How did I ever end up like this?

It was my skin that was the most irritable flaw that I kept noticing. The tight elasticity was longer apparent, wrinkles started to form, pores widened, eyelids began to droop, and a double chin came to be protuberant. Self-confidence was at an all-time low, and later I had severe depression.

To overcome these adversities, I tried everything from Botox injections, laser treatments, facial massage and more. But once again, I was let down by unsatisfactory outcomes. This drove me to research into other treatment methods and I stumbled across face-lifts and fat engraftments that looked extremely enticing! As disheartening as the results were from previous treatments, I had a positive feeling about this type of treatment. After days of profligate procrastination, I booked myself an appointment at ‘Wonjin Plastic Surgery’ for a consultation. Little did I realize, this was going to be a drastic turning point in my life!

I was told that I would look at least 10 years younger, and for some reason I’ve never felt so assured. I waited anxiously, enthused and excited for my next appointment.
It’s true, that no matter how old you get, women always sought after beauty!

[3 Days Post-Surgery – Staying Positive, Keeping Faith]

I was in for a long haul battle for recovery after seven hours of grueling surgery. I received double eyelid surgery, canthoplasty, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), face lift, fat grafting, and forehead augmentation. I knew that I would instantly regret looking in the mirror, so I did it anyway. My goodness! Was I ever so right?

My face was so swollen I couldn’t even recognize myself anymore. I was limited from using ice packs due to fat engraftments, and the only option I had to reduce swelling, was to sleep whilst sitting up-right. The nurse said that the swelling had been significantly reduced, and I agree with her.

I was in excruciating pain for 2 days, and on the third, pain slowly started to subside. Currently, my main focus is to reduce swelling by eating pumpkin soup and pumpkin juice extracts, which have extremely beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. I really hope that I’ll be able to see the final outcome soon. Staying positive and keeping faith is important in hard times!

[7 Days Post-Surgery – Where did all the pores go?]

Pain has significantly been reduced, but I’m still currently experiencing difficulties in eating and speaking properly. My face feels a little numb and doesn’t feel like my own face. It’s an odd feeling that’s for sure. Swelling and bruising considerably improved, and I’m quite relieved to see the progress of my own recovery. Other patients who got their surgery done on the same day as myself, still has some significant bruising around their eyes. The pumpkin soup and juice definitely helped, and I also walked around a fair bit as I was told that it would help with the swelling. The doctor told me it would take up to a month for the swelling to completely subside, so I’m still keeping the faith alive but it would be a lie to say I’m not worried or anxious.

I’ve had sutures removed from my nose and ears but the results are yet hard to tell, although the doctor said the surgery went perfectly fine and that it is looking good. And I agree! The curve of my nose looks so much better than before!

I definitely noticed the effects of the face lift procedure, and it looks as though volume has been restored to my forehead. The once noticeable widened pores have all vanished somehow, and I’m amazed by the appearance of my skin!

[Two Weeks Post-Surgery – Rejuvenated, Revitalized, Revamped!]

How time flies by so quickly, it blows my mind!

Amazingly, swelling has improved significantly and I’m extremely happy to see some noticeable changes. I can’t wait for the end results after all the bruising and swelling goes away.

Thanks to the ‘Endotine’ forehead augmentation procedure, the wrinkles on my forehead disappeared and the widened pores have all seemed to have vanished. The skin feels much more taut and revitalized!

My thoughts were filled with regrets in the first couple of days after the surgery from the agonizing pain. But now, after noticing these progressive changes, I am extremely gratified and happy with the decisions that I made a fortnight ago.
As far as discomfort goes, I’m still finding it difficult to open my mouth. Apart from that, everything is smooth sailing.

I’ve been putting timeless effort into keeping my body upright whilst sleeping in order to quickly clear the swelling.

[1 Month Post-Surgery – Desires Fulfilled! Self-esteem 
Boosted With New V-line Facial Contour]

Most of the swelling has gone, and there are no words that can describe how I feel at this certain time. The threads used on my face for the face lift procedure no longer feels like a foreign object under the skin. The results are just as I hoped for, and although it is a little awkward at times, I am constantly checking myself in the mirror in disbelief!

I cannot believe how well the V-line face lift procedure turned out. Friends and family members constantly ask how I managed to get such a petite and distinct V-line, and I get compliments from people on how much younger I look. Am I happy with the results? Absolutely! Just as I was told on my first consultation, I feel and look 10 years younger, and now I can wear fashionable clothing without feeling self-conscious about my age.

With all honesty, I strongly recommend Wonjin’s V-line Face Lift Surgery. It’s a life changer! 

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