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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What is good about getting liposuction in fall?

The fall has already come after the endless summer has gone. It’s good season to restart exercise that we have been refusing due to hot weather.

Thus it is good to manage your body line during fall and people especially say that it is good to get liposuction during fall. So today, we will find the reason why the liposuction is good to be done during fall and the effect of it!

Reason to get liposuction during fall 01
-There is less stress about compress garment

Patients who had liposuction are required to wear compress garment. Compress garment is an essential part of post-surgery care which allows the remaining skin and muscle after liposuction to be settled in pretty line without droopiness.

Compress garment is worn right after the surgery and there are many people who feel uncomfortable about this. Especially for the patients who have to wear compress garment during summer feel worse due to hot and humid weather as it is hard to take shower or wear extra clothes on top of compress garment. Thus there is less stress as the patients can wear normal clothes on top of compress garment because the weather is way cooler than summer. The wearing period of compress garment is varied between individuals according to the patient’s recovery period or the amount of fat extracted. Thus it is good to prepare liposuction during fall or winter than summer as you will require to wear compress garment for about 1~3 months continuously.

Reason to get liposuction during fall 02
-It is possible to maximize the effect of liposuction.

Liposuction is a surgery that the result appears as time passes unlike surgeries with instant result which requires time to spare. Recovery period is different on every individual, thus it is possible to have less stress when the patient has consideration on the time takes for the tissue to settle down on a space where the fat has been disappeared and the skin to attach onto the tissue. It is possible to obtain even more beautiful body line when regular exercise and care take place after surgery. Thus it is possible to maximize the effect of liposuction as the weather in fall allows regular exercise to take place during recovery period.

The greatest advantage of liposuction is that you could extract fat on your desired area.
There’s always some part of our body that takes longer time to become slimmer no matter how hard you do exercise. This is the case when you were born with body shape that has more fat on specific area and many people are looking for liposuction as liposuction can solve these concerns easily.

Also there is less chance of getting fat again on the surgical area unless the patient put on weight on purpose as it removes the fat cell directly.
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