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What’s distinct Korean culture compare to other countries?

Hello~ We will have a look at distinctive Korean culture that you cannot see in other countries today.

Internet shopping and Home shopping

You could find internet shopping culture in other countries as well, however in Korea, you could buy literally everything including clothes, house hold items, white goods, and so on and the price is very cheap. Also Korean home shopping is amazing because there are many home shopping channels that introduce variety of products for 24 hours. 

There are varieties of products on home shopping from cosmetic products that are relatively cheap to tour package that is expensive. Especially it is better to buy famous cosmetic products on home shopping than buying them from shop because home shopping gives you more with similar price.


I think there is no country like Korea which has hundreds of idols. There are more than 30 idol groups that are well known and there will be so much more if we count idol groups that are not famous because only 1/6 of girl group manages to get settled when there are more than 40 girl groups appear every year. Many teens are practicing their vocal and dance skills as a trainee to become an idol of their dream. But they can achieve more than their dream if they become a part of Korean culture by performing overseas a lot like EXO or Girl’s generation!

Korean food (Spicy foods)

Each country have their own distinctive foods, however the most distinct taste of Korea is spicy foods!

Even though there are varieties of foods that aren’t spicy, most of foods that you could have in Korea such as Kimchi, Tteokkbokki (Korean stir-fried rice cake), Jjigae (Korean style stew) or Dakbal (Seasoned chicken feet) have spicy taste on their base.
Even most of instant noodles have spicy base which attracts foreigners who likes the addictive spiciness.

Korean tends to prefer heady or sweet hotness unlike Chinese or Thais.
The most interesting thing is that people who were not able to consume hot foods get used to these hot tastes and they even look for spicy food as time passes!

Wi-Fi (telecommunication)

Foreigners who visit Korea for a trip like Korean Wi-Fi the most.

I think Korea has fast internet speed and has well facilitated Wi-Fi everywhere like café, hotel and even in subway!

Korean people find other country’s internet uncomfortable when they go overseas for travel.

Plastic Surgery

One of Korean culture is plastic surgery. Korea has the biggest population of plastic surgery patients considering the total population!

Even people from other countries visit Korea for plastic surgery and plastic surgery tourism became one of Korean culture.

Gangnam has the biggest number of plastic surgery clinics and there are about 500 plastic surgery clinics located at Gangnam which is unbelievable.

There was a word ‘Gangnam beauty’ when people walking around at Gangnam had similar faces because most of them had plastic surgery that is performed the same for everyone.

However plastic surgery’s trend has been changed to prefer natural result that is suitable for individual’s face.

Although there are people who would repeat surgeries over and over again until they are satisfied because the beauty standard is self-satisfaction, plastic surgery is a technique that could obtain new life or reclaim one’s younger age.

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