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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

WONJIN's male plastic surgery MODEL, Young Doo Choi's real review


[Before Surgery]

Hello I am Young Doo Choi! Diary~ I am not sure how to write this as this is my first time ever. I’ve decided to be a model of WONJIN after watching my close friend became WONJIN’s plastic surgery model. As I’ve watched my friend’s transformation right next to him, now I just really want to get this done as soon as possible! He said that he’s still not sure about his change, but it was dramatic for me who watched him all the time (although I am sorry to say this). The swelling subsided way faster than we expected and the recovery was really good as well. I really want to get them done! I will get plastic surgery as well in few days… I hope the time flies!! 

[7 days after surgery]

This look really hurt if you look at my bruises, right? But it doesn’t. I usually get bruised and scarred for longer than other people. I really liked how they removed the thing on my nose which allowed me to go out more freely without any discomfort during my daily routine. I walk around a lot for my swellings to disappear faster! 

[14 days after surgery]

Hello~ I thought a day is too long, however I get surprised whenever I write diary. It’s already been 2 weeks! I’ve started to eat all kinds of foods in small amounts, and there is no discomfort except for the bruises as I always get bruised easily. I can see a slight swelling on my lower cheek, but oh well it will subside soon. This doesn’t really bother me as there is no discomfort during my daily life. 

[30 days after surgery]

It has been a month, finally! I think I really look natural as I cannot even think about myself before surgery when I look into mirror! I hope to lose a little more of fats around my cheek however I might not have to as everyone tells me that is cute. I eat really well as my mouth opens wide enough. Although I cannot laugh loud like before, it has only been a month so I will get better. I will practice facial expression, keep on going for walk and take a good care of myself to live with the face that I admired! 

[3 months after surgery]

Hello! It’s been a while after the last diary. It’s already three months after my surgery. I feel no discomfort at all as the swelling has fully subsided as well. The greatest thing is that others don’t really recognize that I have had rhinoplasty. Yoo-hoo~~ One thing that I was worried about was that my nose might hurt or significant that I had surgery when I touch it, however it was useless as it doesn’t hurt when I touch them and it looks natural. I think there will be no problem unless someone comes and punch me in my nose! Now I’m considered about changing my hair style and this concern is happy after I’ve changed my face.

Young Doo Choi / University Student
Facial Contour / Eye (ptosis correction) / Humped Nose

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