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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Let’s go to Jeju Island!

Many tourists visit Dongdaemoon, Gyeongbokgung palace, Myeongdong when they are in Korea.

There must be many reasons, but it would mainly because of their popularity while they are easy to access.

However, if you would like to see Korean nature, you might want to visit Jeju Island.

Jeju island is the most famous island in Korea which is very peaceful and beautiful tourist city.

Firstly, Jeju is very famous for pork so many foods use pork as the main ingredient.

If you cannot have pork for religious reason, you won’t have to worry about that too much as you could ask the restaurants to exclude pork for the menu that you are ordering.

There are many types of pensions along the coast side of Jeju.

Make sure you have booked your accommodation before you visit Jeju as beautiful pensions or guest houses are always full. You can also rent a car to look around Jeju by yourself if you have international driver’s license as Jeju is not a huge island.

Well you won’t have to drive the car by yourself when the automatic driving cars become available that Google is researching on.

There is a mountain called Hallasan in Jeju which is the second tallest in Korea.
You may have to leave one whole day empty if you would like to climb up Hallasan Mountain as it is quite high.

Unfortunately you cannot reach to the top of the mountain; however Jeju’s view from a high place is really beautiful.

Also there is the hut that was featured during the ending scene of Korean drama ‘All-in’, starring Byeong Heon Lee and Hye Kyo Song in Jeju and you can take photos there as well.

On the coast side, you could ride on mini submarine and you could look around in the ocean on it. You would be able to see fish and other marine life of Jeju on the mini submarine.

There are many places to make great memories in Jeju.

Make sure to visit Jeju island at least once in your life~

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