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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Let's travel to Seoraksan Mountain

What would be the most beautiful mountain in Korea?

It's a mountain called Seoraksan. Seoraksan's view is the most beautiful one out of all Korean mountains', which even made it called 'Mountain that you visit 4 times an year' because the view is different on every four seasons in Korea.

Seoraksan Mountain is also a good mountain to hike for mountain climbing lovers because there are safe and beautiful hiking trail. However you have to be careful during winter because it is also dangerous as much as its beauty.

Visiting Seoraksan mountain with your lover or coworkers could be a good way to make good memories at Seoraksan rather than going there alone.

Many Koreans visit Seoraksan Mountain in fact, and you really should visit Seoraksan because one out of every four foreigners visit Seoraksan as well.

Make sure to check everything before you leave as you have to get there by bus from Seoul.

There are many delicious restaurants even before the entrance of Seoraksan Mountain.
It would be hard for me to list them all as there are so many of them...

Make sure to have some research on the restaurants before you get there~

Personally, I think Makguksu (buckwheat noodles) and Pajeon (green onion pancake) on the mountain is really delicious.

You might find them as I already gave you some hint.

Seoraksan Mountain is most beautiful during fall out of all four seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter.

You will naver forget that red world caused by the color change of leaves on trees during fall once you've seen it. If you find it hard to climb up the mountain, you could ride on the cable car to see beautiful Seoraksan.

However I will recommend you to put cable car aside if you want to experience various natures such as beautiful trees while hiking.

You could also meet various wild animals while you are climbing up the mountain.

I am pretty suree that you needed to have some rest or wanted to explore something new or even on vacation at the moment if you visited Korea for travel.
Great experience at Mountain will relieve your stress which would be great even if you are alone.

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