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Monday, November 21, 2016

PRP fat grafting

PRP fat grafting

What is PRP fat grafting?

Many people would already know about face fat grafting, however they might not be familiar with PRP fat grafting. Face fat grafting extracts the patients’ own fat from areas like thighs or stomach and injects the autologous fat into the desired areas on the face unlike fillers. However, I have prepared this blog for people who are not sure about the difference between usual fat grafting and PRP fat grafting.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is a method that injects the patients’ own blood extract with pure fat cells that has been extracted. Self-growth factors in PRP increases the survival rate of injected fat which means that PRP fat grafting’s survival rate is greater than usual fat grafting. This also means that PRP fat grafting has longer lasting period.

In PRP’s growth factors, it also has skin cell’s self-regeneration ability, which is effective on skin regeneration as well as wound healing. Basically, PRP’s growth factors’ role is to recover damaged arteries as well as healing wounds, and stimulates collagen stem cells for essential cell recoveries. When PRP fat grafting is performed, there would not only be the effect of increase in face volume, but also the skin regeneration of area injected.

There are many people who ask for the areas of fat injection when they hear ‘full face fat grafting’. There are more areas that we could inject fat than we could think. If you think facial contouring or two jaw surgeries are too much for you, you could also improve on your impression by fat injection. For example, if your face tend to have less fat and appears to be long, you could slightly improve on your facial contour by injecting adequate amount of fat on cheek and jowl areas to increase their volume.

Right after fat injection, your face could look unnatural and very swollen, however major swelling subsides within 7~10 days after the surgery. You could expect for the injected fat to be settled down as well as the increase in volume naturally after 2~4 weeks of surgery. Autologous fat injection injects the patients’ own fat which has less foreign body sensation with great survival ability that allows the patients to be more beautiful naturally. Another advantage of fat injection is that the amount of fat injected could be adjusted according to the patient’s preference as well as re-touch ups when it’s needed.

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