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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Winter diet! Diet for next summer! Let’s start from now on!

I think there are many people who are thinking that they can hide their body under thick clothes as the winter is coming soon. However, you may find that you don’t fit into your clothes anymore when it actually gets into winter!

Are you aware that diet during winter is more effective?
There are many people who are putting off diet until right before the summer as the vitality decreases during winter due to its extremely cold weather.
However winter actually is the best season for diet!

Our muscle tries to heat up our body by contracting itself to overcome the cold weather. During this process, there is increase in the energy consumption or the reduction of body fat which increases basal metabolism rate in 10% compare to hot summer.

Increase in basal metabolism means that there will be more energy consumption even with small movement. Thus I think winter is the best season to success on diet effectively.

Then let’s go and find the way of diet during winter!

Way of diet during winter – Number 1!

The reason for us to put on weight is because we have higher calories intake compare to our activity rate which forms fat cells and makes our body like storage of energy. There are people who try to stay inside all the time especially during winter. However, increasing in activity rate by doing simple stretching instead of sitting down all the time is effective on diet.

I am pretty sure there will be many people who are going to gym because there is not much thing we could do outside, right? It is easy to get injured during exercise as our body is much stiffed during winter. Thus it is ideal for you to warm your body up first before exercising.

Also there are people who are only doing aerobic exercise for diet, however it is better for you to do weight training together for better result. That’s because weight training effectively burns calories while increasing in the basal metabolism rate.

Way of diet during winter – Number 2!

You have to exercise as much as your calories consumption, but you don’t have enough time. And it is true that we tend to eat oily, salty and spicy food especially during winter. I think many people have misconception on fat, fat is actually even more effective during diet if it is healthy fat consumed in adequate amount.

If you have less activity rate, it is ideal for you to limit on carbohydrate consumption. It is ideal for you to avoid instant foods or spicy and salty foods while minimizing sodium intake. Balanced meal that can provide various nutrients such as vegetables, fish, meats, brown rice, and so on is very important, and the amount that you eat is the most important no matter what kind of food you eat. So if you were having 2 bowls of rice usually, how about decreasing it to a bowl?

Keep this in mind! ‘You are what you eat!

Way of diet during winter – Number 3!

Not only during winter, adequate water consumption is very important both for diet and our health throughout all years.

It is good to drink enough amount of water especially when you get to exercise in cold weather because the sweat evaporates quicker than summer due to its cold temperature. It is good to drink water often because it’s not that we don’t sweat during winter, but we actually sweat more than summer.

I think this year’s winter will be extremely cold as this year’s summer was extremely hot.
We will become more and more fatigued like the snow covering up the ground, but you cannot success on diet in one day! You lose when you are lazy!

Lifelong challenge, lifelong task-Diet, it is literally infinite challenge!

I hope you success on the diet this winter, and let’s start to make bikini body for next summer from now on!

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