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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Let’s have baby face next year with lifting procedure

No matter how pretty your eyes, nose and lips are, you will look older than your age if you have saggy skin.

Recently, many people prefer younger looking face or ‘baby face’ rather than simply beautiful face features because individual’s characteristics are important as much as set beauty aspects.

Won’t everyone have similar face if we all conform to the absolute criteria for beauty?
Thus it is important to get procedures based on accurate diagnosis of the methods to become younger without losing one’s characteristic.

Often some patients ask our surgeons to make their face features like someone else before they decide on getting plastic surgery, such as “I want eyes like hers” or “I want to be like her (celebrity)”.

Plastic surgery and procedure isn’t something that replaces one’s feature to another’s, but it is a way of improving one’s own characteristic. Thus meeting experienced and skilled surgeon who understands individual’s face thoroughly for harmonious result is an important process of plastic surgery as well.

Lifting procedure (surgery) is something that can fulfill all criteria that are mentioned above because they are procedure which can make one look younger without losing his/her characteristic.

The types of lifting procedures are very varied. Also there are some trendy materials or methods for lifting as well.

However, lifting procedure has to be performed after thorough 1:1 consultation with specialist as individual’s skin age, thickness of skin and the level of droopiness is all different.

Lifting could be roughly divided into thread lifting, laser lifting and incisional lifting.

For young patients or patients who want simple procedure, we usually recommend thread lifting+laser lifting.

Lifting thread’s main role is to lift up the saggy skin while stimulating collagen regeneration inside the skin.

There are various roles for lasers, but the main role is to melts excessive fat on the face or stimulating inner skin to increase in its elasticity.

The reason for us to recommend laser and thread lifting procedure together is because they have synergy effect when they are performed together.

If the patient’s face doesn’t have enough fat, fat grafting or filler injection could also have synergy effect with thread lifting.

For older patients, we usually recommend partial incisional lifting+thread lifting with threads that don’t dissolve and fat graft.

Lifting with full incision is very effective, however patients who are worried about scarring prefers partial incisional lifting which also has significant effect with less scar.

Make your decision after having consultation at WONJIN plastic surgery clinic that performs various lifting procedures according to individual’s skin condition!

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