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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sites of scenic beauty during Christmas

Winter is here already. How are you doing with the year-end season?

Christmas is nearly here after continuous freezing weather.

Christmas, is one of the biggest event during December that is well known all over the world.

Families or lovers get together to celebrate Christmas as well as closing the year.

Some people have nice Christmas dinner or go to a site of scenic beauty or have special event to surprise each other.

Wouldn’t it be too boring if you just stay at home during this period?

Various events are waiting for you!

There is an amusement park called ‘Lotte World’ in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

Many tourists visit here because it is located in the center of Seoul as well as varieties of events they hold.

During Christmas, Lotte World will be holding new events that themed ‘Miracles of Christmas’ for 50 days from November 12th (Sat) to December 31st (Sat). If you are curious, you can look this up on .

This is a Christmas tree that is placed in front of the city hall of Seoul.

The lightings are turned off, however you can turn the lights on by paddling the bicycle as this tree is designed to promote energy conservation.

Try to turn the Christmas lights on when you go there to take photos with your lover~
Any night views cannot be better than the one during Christmas.

If you would like to feel the tradition of Korea even though it is Christmas, you can visit Deoksugung Palace.

You will be able to see beautiful traditional house of Korea if you visit Deoksugung Palace on snowy day as snow piles up beautifully on the roof of houses when it snows.
This place is a great destination to visit with everyone.

How about having a date at Deoksugung Palace?

If you visit Itaewon during on Christmas, you can even experience other country’s culture other than Korean.

Itaewon is great place to experience various cultures at once as many people from different backgrounds live there.

It would especially be easier for you to get there because it is easy to get there by subway.

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