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Monday, December 12, 2016

Things that you can enjoy while traveling to Korea

In Korea, change of all four seasons are very significant and there are distinctive events or activities on each seasons, which makes Korea interesting whenever you travel to Korea.

So today, I will introduce some popular destinations in Korea during winter.

Winter in Korea starts from early December, and ends on late March. It is freezing during winter, however people anticipate on winter at the same time because there are Christmas and New Year’s Day during winter.

The temperature range in Seoul during winter starts from 0 to -10°C so you have to prepare warm clothes before you go out.

Now I will introduce some activities that you must do during winter.

1. Year-end Shopping

People in Korea go for shopping during year-end, Christmas or New-Year season the most as you can buy great products with relatively cheap price due to various promotions on that season.

2. Snow sled, Ski

Koreans visit hot spring, snow sled or ski slope during winter like in summer where people go for camping or swimming.

Ski slopes usually open at the end of November or the beginning of December and it is open until late night.

There are many people who go for skiing at night as ski slopes in Korea are mostly built with accommodations as well.

There are well-known ski slopes in Gangwon-do, and the major ski slopes are Yong-Pyeong Resort, Welli Hilli Park, Daemyeong Vivaldi Park, and so on.

You can always experience on skiing as there are many shops that lent equipment for skiing and snowboarding around the resorts.

3. Hot spring (Spa)

You cannot forget hot spring (spa) when you are talking about winter trip.

Among the hot springs in Korea, Deoksan spa which is located in Chungcheongnam-do, has long history and Termeden hot spring in Icheon, and Suanbo hot spring are very famous as well.

4. Watching the sun rise

Many Koreans start their New Year by watching the sun rise.

When people hear ‘sun rise’, they will think about Jeongdongjin first.

Many people wait for the New Year’s Sun rise at about 6’O clock in the morning in front of Jeongdongjin Sea by taking train to get there.

Seonyudo Park, Achasan Mountain, and Haneul Park are the other destinations that many Koreans visit to watch the sun rise.

5. Christmas, and the New Year

In Korea, Christmas (December 25th) and New Year’s Day (January 1st) are public holidays.

What do Koreans do during Christmas and New Year’s Day?

They tend to have family gatherings or congregate dining often while closing the year.

They prepare Christmas gifts for their family or friends, and they sometimes go on New Year’s travel.

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