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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thread lifting, now it’s 1:1 customize generation!

Many women are still pursuing on younger looking and vitalized face than their age and naturally, many aesthetic treatments are developed and introduced to public.

Many aestheticians and patients are seeking for thread lifting as this procedure is relatively safe and effective compare to other procedures that were introduced earlier.

You may think that lifting is something that you could do at late 30s, however recently, many people in 20s still get thread lifting procedures to look even younger and vitalized.

I will explain the reasons for people in 20s to pursue thread lifting procedure.

Firstly, there are various types of threads. The satisfactory level is very high as different types of threads could be chosen according to the patient’s condition, designated appropriately for the level of sagginess of your skin.

Types of threads could be divided into two major groups, dissolvable threads or threads that don’t dissolve. Depending on how saggy the patient’s skin is, both types of threads could be used or you could get effective result with only one type of threads.

Secondly, thread lifting procedure has another advantage of being relatively simple compare to face lifting procedure which incises skin to tighten it. This advantage allows faster return to the daily routines.

Office workers especially prefer thread lifting as they cannot get leaves for long periods. There is no scar formed after surgery as the procedure is done with needles, and the recovery speed is very fast as well.

The skin becomes more elastic while the face becomes slimmer as the threads that were inserted through very small holes hold onto the skin and lift it.

Also, many office workers go back to work on Monday after getting the procedure done during weekend as they can make facial expressions naturally after the procedure.

Finally, many patients are satisfied after thread lifting procedures as the recovery after treatment is fast when the lasting duration is relatively long. The effect of thread lifting could last about 2-3 years with one procedure.

However it is not like your skin becomes saggy all the sudden after 2-3 years passes, but your skin becomes saggy slowly just like normal aging, so your skin doesn’t go back to your skin before surgery after 2-3 years.

It is ideal for you to get thread lifting procedures done after having thorough consultation and designing with thread lifting specialist surgeons even this procedure may appear to be simple.

Also, you would have to follow the post-surgery cautions well to obtain satisfying result.
It is ideal for you to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol for a week as these could lead to an infection. Also it is ideal for you to avoid sauna or spa for about a week as well.
There are many cautions after thread lifting procedures just like other surgical procedures.

Thus the most important factor to reduce the chance of side effect is to have enough consultation with experienced lifting specialized surgeon before treatment rather than making decision impulsively.

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