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Thursday, December 22, 2016

What are the side effects of excessive dieting?

There are many women who are concerned about possible side effects coming from excessive dieting for long period of time to manage their body shape.

If you stop on taking food or do too much exercise, you can get side effects of dieting.
You have to be aware about this fact all the time to avoid side effects from excessive dieting.

1. Anemia

Females lose 30mg of iron every month due to menstruation, thus females are usually lacking iron. Excessive exercising or fasting can make this worse.

2. Tinnitus

If you continue on having low calorie diet, you may feel dizzy and get tinnitus symptom.
You have to start on having balanced nutritional diet if you get these symptoms.

3. cholelithiasis (gallstones)

If you do excessive dieting for long period of time without enough fat intake, you may get choleithiasis that happens when the choler gets condensed and becomes like stone on gallbladder.

4. Edema

It is easier to get edema when your nutritional balance is interrupted because this can cause problems on water metabolism. This could get worsened if you continue on the routine of eating after fasting.

5. Gastritis, indigestion

Excessive dieting can lead to gastritis caused by stress and worsening on esophagitis. Indigestion or constipation can also occur because bowel movement decreases when there is less food intake.

6. Arthrodynia (joint pain)

If you are overweight, there can be more chance of getting degenerative arthritis as excessive exercise can burden your back and knees.

7. Osteoporosis

Even young women can easily get osteoporosis due to lack of nutrition such as calcium and minerals during one-food diet.

8. Urinary incontinence

Excessive exercising and dieting of women in 10s can cause ‘urinary incontinence’.
There is higher chance to get urinary incontinence among women in middle age who have experience on giving birth as their pelvic floor muscle gets damaged that causes problem with bladder management.

Thus you will have to make sure that you don’t do exercise that especially uses much muscles such as swimming, cycling, spinning, and so on, excessively. 


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