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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

face contour surgery review 01

Face Contour Surgery Review

(eyelid surgery + rhinoplasty)

[Before surgery]
Facial surgery review
Firstly, I was getting so stressed about my protruding cheekbone and prominent square jaw.
So I always had to edit my photos because the prominent parts of my face were more significant when I take photos.
My face looks small sometimes but it sometimes looks big. Also my facial contour is not smooth which makes my face looks like a skull.
Also my face appears to be really big when I take photos as a model.
Thus I decided to get facial contouring surgeries.


[After 3 days]
I didn’t feel much pain on my face.
But it still feels like my face is going to explode because of the swelling.
It is really hard for me to open my mouth and my swelling goes on peak at night, but it reduces when I wake up.
I don’t feel any pain even though I had facial contouring surgeries!
I hope the swelling goes away quickly.
I still have some discomfort while eating food because it’s still swollen inside my mouth, but it’s good that I am getting better.
There is no pain on my nose and my eyes have always been okay even right after the surgery.

I feel little uncomfortable on my cheekbone and jaw but it’s not painful nor something that I can’t tolerate!!

[After 7 days]
I visited clinic today to remove stitches on ear, cheekbones and columella, and got injection that helps to reduce swelling.

It took quite long to take things out of my nose and 
there was stinging pain during the stitch removal. I had 
some blood clots and wastes inside my nose which took more time to be removed but I felt so refreshing after removing those. 

They said that we will still have to see progress of my nose as my nose is still swollen with blood inside. They advised me to massage my nose while modeling the nose bridge at home. I thought my swelling has been subsiding a lot, but they said that I have more swellings than others T.T
My face is covered with bruises now. But they will surely disappear, right?
There is no pain and I think swellings are subsiding quicker than before because of the injection! It’s great that I can still see quite significant transformation even though it only has been a week.

I am going to the clinic again next week to remove stitches inside my mouth and nose!!

 [After 14 days]
I think I cannot do anything about the inside of my mouth 
getting swollen when I am eating, 
and I am happy that my eyes look so natural. I try to touch my front chin and lower lip often as they are still numb!
It still feels dull around my cheekbone area but my jaw has no pain at all!! I think major swellings has been subsided but there are still bruises remaining!
My nose is so pretty! It’s great that my face doesn’t hurt! I can see the effect of facial contouring surgeries significantly even though there are still swellings remaining!! I am already looking forward to see my final result because my overall face line is already pretty!!


 [After 30 days]
I am really happy that a lot of swellings on my face 
have been subsided compare to the first day of surgery.

I am really excited that even more swellings 
will be gone after one or two months.

Most of people say that my eyes look so natural just 
like my own eyes and they also said that my nose came out really well.

I still get swollen from eating and try to be careful when 
I am yawning! I hope more swellings go away quickly!!

I still have bruises under my eyes, but they will disappear 
as time passes, right?

I get excited more and more everyday!!

[After 2 months]

My nose surgeon said that all of swelling on my nose 
has gone and he also said that my eyes are very pretty.

I think all of the swellings on my face has disappeared but they 
have gone down to my lower jaw which I think should disappear 
pretty soon.

I really like my face.

I doubt if this face is really mine or not every time I take photos.
I still be careful when I am yawning because I still feel little uncomfortable, and I don’t really feel uncomfortable with the inside of my mouth getting swollen because it did get better.
My sensation on lower lip is coming back and I am very satisfied with my result.

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