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Thursday, January 5, 2017

face contour surgery review 02

Face Contour Surgery Review

(eyelid surgery + rhinoplasty)

[After 3 months]
My eyes and nose just look like my own and it feels like all of the swellings on my face has subsided. There are some swellings remaining on my lower jaw, but it’s great that it is not noticeable.
I am satisfied the most when I take selfies.
I look even better if I wear makeup as well!!!!
It seems like there is a stitch remaining inside of my nose so I think I will have to ask them about this on my next clinic visit for checkup with my surgeons.
I am doing so well without any discomfort other than that!!
I hope all swellings absolutely disappear!!!


[After 4 months]
It seems like there is still some swelling left on my lower jaw, but it is way better than before.
There is no significant discomfort on my face area.
I am very satisfied that my facial asymmetry has improved.
I am thinking that I might need to get lifting done as I originally had chubby face, but I will see how I go first!
I felt so much pain on my nose even with slight touch before, and it doesn’t hurt anymore but I am still being careful!!
I am very satisfied with my face now without any concerns.
I will take good care of my face~

[After 5 months]
It’s already been 5 months after surgery.
There is absolutely no swelling on my eyes and nose and they look so natural and pretty.

I am very satisfied! I am so glad that I had facial contouring surgery!
I am thinking that I might need to get lifting done as I originally had chubby face, but I will see how I go!

There is no discomfort at all!

Now I am living like I was born with this face originally lol.
My face seems much smaller and I am so happy that many people say that I look very pretty.
People say that normally people look for more plastic surgery after having it done once, but I am very satisfied with my face!

[After 6 months]
I can still feel some swellings inside my mouth T.T

I am just a little concerned that it still feels like it’s swollen, but it’s not a big deal because there is no discomfort.
I do eat hard foods selectively but it doesn’t hurt anymore!
There is no discomfort on my face overall, and it seems like everything has settled down, so there is nothing wrong.
People around me are saying that my eyes and nose are really beautiful.
In fact I am very happy about my face because it looks so natural and pretty!! 

[After 8 months]
It’s been 8 months after surgery already.
It still feels like my surgery day was yesterday and I am getting more and more satisfied as time goes by, so I live with so much confidence now.

I think it was a great choice to have facial contouring surgery.
I feel great every time I take photos because I don’t have square jaw anymore.
I didn’t really take selfies before surgery, but it became my favorite thing now!
I feel happy when I put makeup because my eyes became larger!
I am satisfied with everything absolutely.


[After 9 months]

My eyes look so natural without any trace of surgery and it just looks like my natural eyes.

My nose looks fantastic when you look at it from the side…T.T

In fact, swelling inside my mouth wasn’t disappearing all the time after facial contouring surgery.

I still have similar feeling and I am not sure if this is actual swelling or it’s something that all facial contouring patients experience, but there was no significant discomfort during daily life.
I always wanted to go outside without any makeup after surgery, but I often put makeup on and this makes my transformation even more significant and realistic.
It was really great that I had surgery and I am absolutely satisfied. 

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