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Friday, January 13, 2017

FAQs on two jaw surgery

Yesterday, we had a look at some brief information on two jaw surgery.

So today, I will go through frequently asked questions on two jaw surgery.

FAQs on two jaw surgery-
“Pre-operative orthodontics? Post-operative orthodontics? Which one is better?”

At WONJIN, it is possible to have two jaw surgery without pre-operative orthodontics as our surgeon is very experienced and skilled enough to correct on the location of jaw, which can be followed by post-operative orthodontics to improve on teeth alignment.

In this case, it is possible to reduce on the length of treatment period compare to two jaw surgery with pre-operative orthodontics that requires steps of pre-operative orthodontics ▶ surgery ▶ post-operative orthodontics.

Often some patients cannot receive surgery before orthodontics depending on their occlusion status.

Thus it is important to confirm if it is possible to have surgery without pre-operative orthodontics, and if this isn’t possible, it is also important to check on the method of orthodontics and the duration as well, before getting the surgery.

For patients who require pre-operative orthodontics, it is really important for them to check if the dental clinic that they will be visiting, is experienced and skilled in pre-operative orthodontics for two jaw surgery patient or not.

To patients who live in Korea or staying long period of time in Korea, we recommend them to have their pre and post-operative orthodontics at WONJIN dental clinic as our dental clinic is very experienced in specialized orthodontics for two jaw surgery patients.
For international patients who are coming to Korea for surgery first approach method, we recommend them to make sure to have dental clinic where they can have their post-operative orthodontics done around their local area.

You can have dissatisfying result if post-operative orthodontics isn’t done properly even when the result of two jaw surgery was great.

Thus, please make sure to find out about orthodontic treatments!

FAQs on two jaw surgery-
“Can I change my face contour with two jaw surgery?”

Often there are people who expect their ‘U-lined’ face to become ‘V-lined’ with two jaw surgery by itself.

However, since two jaw surgery is basically a surgery that corrects on the upper jaw and lower jaw, it is hard to expect on the significant reduction of square jaw and cheek bone.

Thus if you would like to improve on your jaw function with two jaw surgery and have small face with beautiful face contour aesthetically at the same time, we recommend to have two jaw surgery with facial contouring surgeries such as cheekbone reduction and square jaw reduction.

It is ideal for you to decide on this after having through consultation with your surgeon, as facial contouring surgeries also have incision inside the mouth like two jaw surgery.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have two effects of two jaw surgery and facial contouring surgery with one time incision?

FAQs on two jaw surgery-
“What’s the post treatment schedule after two jaw surgery?”

It usually takes about 7 weeks after surgery for two jaw surgery patient to get their wafer removed.

Stitches on the facial area are usually removed after 1 week and stitches inside the mouth are usually removed after 2 weeks.

Since two jaw surgery requires longer preparation and treatment period compare to other simple surgeries, we usually recommend our international patients to stay in Korea for at least 3 days to 3 months.

If you cannot stay in Korea for that long, please discuss this with your surgeon first, after checking treatment schedule and having through consultation.

Consult WONJIN about two jaw or facial contouring surgeries, where 7 anesthesiologists are on stand-by and equipped with all sorts of pre-operative medical examination facilities including CT, X-ray, EKG and so on, where specialized orthodontic specialists who are experienced in two jaw surgery patients’ orthodontic treatment, present!

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