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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Let’s use smart phones healthily

Smart phone, which makes our life very convenient!

Nowadays is a generation where everyone needs to have smart phone no matter what their gender or age is.

There were some huge changes made from our life because of smart phone.
This sometimes replaces our social life these days in some ways.

People often play games on smart phone, however we spend most of our time watching videos, sending messages through messengers or posting on our social medial networks.
We also would be very inconvenient at work or throughout our daily life without cell phones.

However, overuse of smart phone can be bad for us, both mentally and physically.
People sometimes feel anxious when they don’t have their phones in their hand, and often suffer physically due to wrong posture, while they overuse smart phone.

Thus we have to use our smart phones healthily to protect our mind and body.

So from now on, we will have a look at some methods that we can use our smart phones healthily.

Firstly, it is ideal to set certain time frame for smart phone usage to avoid overuse of smart phone.

However, this isn’t really easy and you might think that office workers who cannot do their duties without smart phones cannot set certain time frame.

Also, often there are situation where you and your friends just stare at each other’s phone.

Let’s try to concentrate on others when we don’t have to check smart phone.

Secondly, we have to correct on our posture during the use of smart phone.

Many people are suffering from turtle neck syndrome as we look down to our smart phone continuously. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also common as we use one side of our wrist and fingers to use smart phones a lot.

It is ideal for you to get smart phone off from your hand when your wrist or neck hurts, and do simple stretching movements for about 3 minutes continuously.

Thirdly, we have to form habit of not having smart phone on our hand when we are walking.

People walk with smart phones in their hands while having phone calls, texting, watching videos or listening to music.

Thus they sometimes cannot avoid objects in front of them or walk into other people naturally.

It is ideal for you to look at the front when you are walking because smart phone usage on accidents is very dangerous as well as smart phone addiction.

We had a look at some methods to use our smart phones healthily.

We would probably be aware of these already, but we don’t really conduct them.

Great convenience is waiting for us if we use smart phones well, but if you think the other way, there are many elements that make us lazy.

Let’s try to enjoy this moment and people in front of you, instead of leaning on smart phones too much.

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