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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Frequently asked questions on double eyelid surgery and ptosis correction

Are you aware of the difference between double eyelid surgery and ptosis correction?!

If you work at plastic surgery clinic or if you are interested in plastic surgery, this would be a basic knowledge on plastic surgery.

However, people who get plastic surgery once in their life time or never, will find these words strange.

If you have just started to plan on having eye surgery, you would probably have no idea on these.

Even though various plastic surgeries including major plastic surgeries became popular, the most number of patients are still having “eye surgery”.

There would be various types of surgeries included in eye surgery, but the two main surgeries would be double eyelid surgery and ptosis correction.

Many patients ask us this question during consultation, 
“what is ptosis correction and why do I need it?”

If I explain this easily, double eyelid surgery is creating double eyelid folds on your upper eyelids by creating a line.

Thus it is hard to expect your eyes to become wider or more pupils to be shown.

The effect of double eyelid surgery is making your eyes look bigger than before surgery as your upper eyelids are folded according to the double eyelid fold that were created.

It would be easier for you to understand if you consider double eyelid surgery as a procedure that creates fold on your eyelids.

On the other hand, ptosis correction is a surgery that corrects on the elevating muscle on your upper eyelids, which is used when you are opening your eyes.

This surgery can also adjust on the strength of the elevating muscle.

If this surgery is performed to strengthen the elevating muscle on the upper eyelids, more pupils can be shown after surgery, which makes one’s eyes more defined.

This surgery is suitable for patients who use their forehead muscle to open their eyes, patients with sleepy looking eyes or patients who are only showing half of their pupils.

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