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Friday, February 10, 2017

Protect your skin from alcohol!

If you are enjoying alcohol, you may find yourself with dull and oily skin, acne and large pores when you look into mirror on the day after drinking alcohol.
Then why does our skin look bad after drinking alcohol?         

If you drink too much, your liver has to overwork which would slow down on your whole body’s detoxification function.
This will lead to the lack of waste elimination, which can make our body swollen and dry. Dry skin can even end up with acne formation.
Thus this is why our skin looks dull after drinking alcohol.

The most ideal way to protect our skin is to avoid drinking alcohol, or having right amount of alcohol. However, as you cannot avoid drinking alcohol at some occasions, you would have to know the way to restore your skin condition faster.
I am pretty sure that you would already be aware of drinking a lot of water. Another important factor is the food served with alcohols. Usually, the foods that you have while drinking alcohol contains high level of sodium and fat which is not good for the edema, skin and diet.
Try to consume vegetables and fruits instead of salty foods while you are drinking alcohol.

You must wash your face when you get back home. When you wash your face, finish up with cold water to cool down your face while tightening your skin pores.
As soon as you wake up from sleep, wash your face with warm water for fist 10 seconds, and then with cold water for next 10 seconds to massage your swollen face.
After the consumption of alcohol our body moisture lever decreases, so moisture your skin generously by using facial oil and moisturizers.

Even when you feel like strong-tasting foods on the day after drinking alcohol, try to consume foods with less sodium as it isn’t really good for you to consume foods with much sodium.
In Korea, people usually consume Dried Pollack Soup after drinking alcohol.
Honey water, banana and milk are also good for you after drinking alcohol.

With these tips above, you would be able to become more beautiful even after drinking alcohol!

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