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Why is it impossible for thin people to get fat graft on their breasts?

Today, I am writing this post to explain the reason for us to not recommend on breast augmentation with fat grafting.

Most of people, who are considering breast augmentation, tend to have thin body in overall, or have relatively small breast compare to their body. It is very rare for people with adequate size of breasts, to consider on breast augmentation.
Thin women may have heard that people are ‘jealous because you never put on weight no matter how much you eat’, or ‘jealous because you are so skinny’. However many thin women have confessed that they are very concerned that they might be lacking feminine attraction.
It is especially hard to find a woman who has much fat on her breasts and hip when her overall body is skinny among women with Asian ethnicity.

Sometimes, there are patients who want to get fat graft on their breast to increase their breast size with natural looking results who have thin body.
However, unfortunately, it is very rare for us to recommend fat grafting method for breast augmentation.

Recently, customers who visit plastic surgery clinic are already aware about so much information on plastic surgery as there are so many sources such as various websites that they can look some information up.
Customers often make inquiries after looking at some commercials regarding breast fat grafting from those websites and the inquiry usually starts with “I heard that it is possible to get breast augmentation with fat grafting method on the internet…”.
It would be great if you can enlarge the size of your breast by fat grafting without inserting breast implants. It would have less side effect rate and better texture than implant, right?
However, this is hard for people who have thin body.

Firstly, much amount of fat has to be extracted.

You require much amount of fat in order to achieve the breast size that you desire. Also there is wide muscle covering your chest area as well, which can absorb much amount of fat overtime due to its movement. We have to get the amount of fat to be absorbed into calculation as well when we are injecting fat. However, thin people don’t have enough amount of fat to perform this procedure.

Secondly, injected fat on chest area gets absorbed really well.

You would already be aware that injected fat gets absorbed into your body after fat grafting if you had fat grafting procedure done on your facial area. There are some areas that fat gets absorbed faster than other areas such as forehead and front chin, even though you had fat grafting done on full face. (This can be varied according to every individual’s condition) The reason for some areas to absorb injected fat faster than other areas is because they have more muscle and movements. As I have mentioned above, we have widely spreading muscle on our chest and this muscle is used a lot when we use our arms during our daily tasks.
Thus it is hard to expect significant result as the fat absorbing period is very fast on our chest area.

Thirdly, it requires more time than breast implant insertion.

If you are capable to undergo breast augmentation with fat grafting because you have adequate amount of fat, you will require enough time as well.
The reason for this is that it is hard to obtain great result with single fat grafting procedure. Normally, patients can obtain results that are similar to their expectation after second or third sessions of fat grafting procedures no matter what surgery area it is.
Thus it takes fair bit of time as second session of fat grafting can be done at least 3 months after the first session.

Fourthly, did you hear that breast fat grafting is cheaper than implant insertion?

Due to small amount of fat injection that occurs for face fat grafting, some clinics include the cost of second session of fat grafting within the initial surgery fee. However, this doesn’t usually apply on breast fat grafting as it requires relatively much amount of fat to be extracted and have to cover larger area that requires more time compare to face fat grafting.
Thus the cost of surgery is decided on each session of breast fat grafting procedure. I am wondering if breast fat grafting would be still cheaper than breast implant insertion when you would require 2~3 sessions of fat grafting to obtain significant result.

Due to the factors above, we usually recommend breast implant insertion methods to patients who are considering breast augmentation. However, since the final choice is up to the patient, it is ideal for the customer to acknowledge these factors before they get breast augmentation with fat grafting.

If you are just looking for natural change and breast shape improvement rather than enlargement of size, breast fat grafting could be recommended. If you are looking for increase breast size with natural looking result, please refer to the link below!

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