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Monday, March 27, 2017

Different Types of Lifting Surgery for Different Age Groups

Every women want to look younger than their age.  Woman who's age is between 20s and 70s or older, feels happy when they get compliment on their younger looking face. However, we sometimes hear that we look old or tired which makes us feel sad. If you hear this comment often, you will probably look into the mirror and try to figure out the reason for you to look older than your age. 

Why would two different people with same age look different?

When you meet someone for the first time, your first impression could be determined based on your appearance such as the depth of wrinkles, the amount of fat on the face, and the skin elasticity. 

Thus I will introduce different types of lifting procedures that are suitable for different age groups. 


Usually people in their 20s may think that they don't require lifting procedure. However as people are looking for younger looking impression these days, many clients in their 20s are having lifting procedures. The advantage of having lifting procedure earlier is that it is possible to slow down on the aging process earlier which can be considered as a way to prevent aging in the future. 

Laser lifting and thread lifting with out hook are usually recommended for patients in their 20s. 


The aging starts to become noticeable in 30s. Overall, the skin becomes saggy with fine wrinkles and wrinkles caused due to facial expressions. Wrinkles caused by facial expression can simply be treated with Botox injection, however if you are in your 30s you may also require filler injection as well.

Strong anti aging effect can be made if laser lifting and thread lifting with hook are performed with filler and Botox injection. 


It’s when the aging progresses rapidly with severely saggy skin and loss of facial volume.  At this stage, it’s recommended to have fat injection to increase in the facial volume with Wonjin’s exclusive Wint Lifting that uses both dissolvable and non-dissolvable threads to lift up the saggy skin.  

For more optimal result, it is recommended to have mini face lifting with incision and fat injection together.

50s and older

From 50s, full face lifting with incision is recommended. 
Wonjin’s full face lifting does not simply lift up the skin only, but also removes and lifts up SMAS tissue within the skin, which became saggy due to aging process. 
The effect of full face lifting with incision is semi-permanent as this procedure lifts up the skin and the muscle below the skin as well.

WONJIN's full face lifting with incision has minimal scar and longer lasting result based on our surgeon's great skills and rich experience. 

You can maintain your youth and beauty with WONJIN's Lifting Specialized Center.

We always support your beauty!

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