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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Great places to go shopping in Korea

Great places to go shopping in Korea

We are getting into spring in Korea, thus it is great for tourists to visit here.
I am pretty sure that shopping will be on your ‘To do’ list while you are in Korea, and you would be able to get good products with cheaper price if you research some great places to go shopping before you get here.

Incheon International Airport in Korea is one of the most famous airports across the globe.
Incheon airport is famous for its great size and brilliant interior, and it is well-known as the airport with the biggest duty free shop.
So you don’t have to buy products that are sold in the airport until your departure if you research on the products that are sold in the Incheon airport.

There is a place called ‘Bukchon Hanok Village’ in Seoul.
You can wear Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) and sleep in Hanok (Korean-style house) in here. There are various foods that you can try and they are selling various souvenirs as well. There are many Korean visitors as well, however apparently there are few international tourists who make too much noises after drinking alcohol and leave trashes behind. We shouldn’t act like them, should we?

There are many outlets in Seoul and most of them provide TAX FREE. It is possible to buy products even cheaper if you research on the internet before your visit as there are various discount promotions for each shop. Don’t forget that there are various discount promotions~ You can also visit Gimpo Outlet, Yeoju outlet and Icheon outlet around Seoul where you can meet various Korean and International brands.

You may pick one place to go shopping after researching, but why don’t you just visit
these places for window shopping as you came to Korea for travel? Oh, make sure that you are not overspending though!

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