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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to get rid of Acnes

Most of people think acne as the symbol of puberty.

However there are many adults who are concerned about acnes.

It is great to consult to a dermatologist as there could be scar formed if you leave adult acnes for a long time.

Thus today, I will introduce some ways to treat acnes at home!

Acne treatments! 01

"Wash your face every day~”

We have to make sure that the wastes on our face are not blocking our pores by washing our face cleanly. However we have to be careful of washing our face excessively as this can make our skin dry.

It is ideal to wash our face mildly in the morning and thoroughly in the evening. It is ideal to wash your hairs often while try not to get them on your face as the oil on your hair can cause acnes. Thus people with fringes get acnes on their forehead more often.

Acne treatments! 02

"Don’t touch your face with your hands!"

There are so many invisible bacteria on our hands. Thus touching your face with your hands may have caused acne formation.

Also popping your acnes with your hands can lead to second bacterial infection which can make the infection worse.

Acne treatments! 03

"Try to avoid oily foods or instant foods!"

Consuming lots of snacks, chocolate, soft drinks or instant foods can create more acne.
Thus it is ideal to consume seasonal fruits or vegetables instead that is enriched with vitamins.

Acne treatments! 04

“Drink enough amount of water!”

It is ideal to drink more than 6 cups of water a day. This is also good for our health as drinking lots of water can help to excrete wastes stored inside our body. 

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