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Monday, March 20, 2017

Let’s have beautiful forehead with forehead silicone implant insertion

There is a quote saying that forehead completes our face when the center of our face is nose.

Your overall face may look flat if you have less volume on your forehead.
Thus I will introduce silicone forehead implant to improve on this.

Smooth and voluminous forehead can emphasize on your facial features while creating younger looking impression.

A patient has to meet the surgeon first to design the forehead silicone that is suitable to the patient’s face shape.

Thus it is possible to adjust on the thickness of the implant like rhinoplasty.
About 5~7 days of implant preparation period is required as each individual patient’s forehead shape and size is different.

The surgery is performed under deep sleep anesthesia and it takes about an hour.
Stitches are removed after about 2 weeks of the surgery, thus it requires about 3 weeks from the implant designing to the stitch removal.

The incision is made above the forehead where the hair is and the size of incision scar is approximately about 3CM. You don’t really have to worry about visible scar as the scar is formed between hairs.

You may have to keep that in mind that there could be a foreign body reaction to the silicone implant inserted as this is not your own tissue.

However you don’t have to worry about this too much as the chance of having foreign body reaction is very rare like rhinoplasty and breast implant insertion.

If you think implant insertion is too much for you when you would like to have beautiful forehead, you can have another options such as fat injection or filler injection which you can decide after consulting to your surgeon.

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