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Friday, March 17, 2017

Revision rhinoplasty is more important than the first one

Since our nose is the center of our face, slight change on our nose shape such as the height of nose bridge can lead to more 3 dimensional face with sophisticated impression.

Thus many people are having rhinoplasty to have great effect with slight change.
However this is why the revision surgery rate for rhinoplasty is high as well.

There are various reasons for people to have revision rhinoplasty and these include:
- When the final nose shape after rhinoplasty is different to the patient’s expectation.
- When the nose looks unnatural because of implant that is too thick.
- When foreign body reaction is occurred.

There are especially many patients who would like to change their nose shape to the trendy one by having revision surgery, however this is not recommendable as the trendy nose shape may not be suitable to the patient’s face.

The main aim for revision rhinoplasty is to correct on the nose shape to make it more harmonious to each individual patient’s face.

It is recommended to have revision surgery that is performed with customized implants and methods as each individual patient’s bone structure and nose shape is different.
Before the revision surgery takes place, it would be possible for the surgeon to diagnose the reason for the nose to lose its balance if the patient is aware of his/her first surgery method.

Nose is very important part of our body not only on aesthetic aspect, but also for respiration.

Nose is structured with very fine tissues, which makes it hard to undergo surgery.
In case of revision rhinoplasty, it becomes even more difficult as the tissue had already been damaged a lot from the first surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty is possible at least 6 months after the first surgery.

Many patients looking for the revision rhinoplasty at Wonjin after first surgery performed in other clinic. After first unsuccessful rhinoplasty there are might occure som side effects such as crooked implant, rotating implant, excessively sharp nose tip, deformed nose tip, infection, capsular contracture and so on 

WONJIN performs so many rhinoplasty of course and there are many patients who are undergoing revision surgery at WONJIN because of our surgeon’s reliable skills.

The reason why so many patients underdoing revision rhinoplasty at Wonjin is trustworthy surgeon. 

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