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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What is the most suitable eye surgery for you?

What is the most suitable eye surgery for you?

In the past, safety other than aesthetic effect was more concerned before getting eyelids surgery. However, eyelids surgery has become the most common plastic surgery in Korea, that could be said it is not deemed even a surgery,since it is safe and derives satisfactory results. People are able to get consultation through websites or mobile with developed technology and this makes easy to decide to have surgery.

Now, eye surgery/eyelids surgery methods have become an important factor. Every single individual has different eye shape like each individual's characteristic or appearance are not same. Thus, it is required to have a consultation with specialists and select plastic surgery hospital and surgical methods that are suitable for yourself considering your eye shape.
Then, we should figure out what kind of conditions we need to meet to have beautiful eyes before having a consultation.

The most ideal eyes are achieved when they are proportioned with your overall face. Having big and clear eyes with natural ratio in conjunction with your face is important.

The most ideal standardized eyes have same ratio of the width of eye and interocular distance. Also, the width range of eye should be about 30~34mm. The medial epicantho (inner corner of eye) should be connected with Ala of nose and lateral epicantho (outer corner of eye) should also be lined with Ala of nose straightly as well. The eyes should be slanted upwards slightly over the horizontal line from inner to outer corner of the eyes.

People who have thick eyelids with deposited fat or muscles may give unpleasant impression and those deposited fat and muscle might arise swelling during surgery.
Thus, it is recommended to have a thorough consultation and recognize your skin type, bone structure, and the amount of muscle and fat on your eyelids before surgery.

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