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Monday, April 10, 2017

Barbie Noee Surgery, Natural Looking Nose? "Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery"!

Barbie Nose Surgery, Natural Looking Nose? 

"Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery"!

In common, nose is the most important part of the face as it is in the middle.
The shape, position, length, or width of nose can significantly affect facial symmetry.
The shape of the nose also defines characteristics of the face. Experts say nose plays the noteworthy role which attracts a lot of attention.
Thus, people who want to change or improve appearance undergo rhinoplasty.
Most people who decide to have rhinoplasty desire to building up the nasal bridge and have high profile.
However, having high nose bridge is always good for yourself?

If your nose is overly prominent or no in balance with the face, then it looks unnatural and older than actual age.
Plastic surgery that looks you natural and people don't suspect you had a plastic surgery done is booming recently.
Therefore, having rhinoplasty proportioned to overall face is the most important thing.
But, 'Rhinoplasty' is among the most difficult of all plastic surgeries to result in natural looking.
So, people choose their surgeon with many cases of rhinoplasty and know-how over many years to have beautiful results that is balanced with face.

[Natural looking rhinoplasty "Mochi Mesh Nose Job"]

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Hospital has developed "Mochi Mesh Nose Job" along with years of surgical experiences.
Mochi means soft rice cake, so "Mochi Mesh Nose Surgery" has same meaning of achieving soft, smooth and natural nose.
Outdated trend of rhinoplasty had resulted in having unnatural facial expression or movement due to silicone implant.
But, Mochi Mesh Rhinoplasty can derive to the desirable natural nose that can even be squeezed and twisted.

[Then what is the specific feature of Mochi Mesh Nose Job?]

Ultra soft silicone which is nose implant and ear cartilage which is resilient are connected each other without empty space.
Moreover, Mesh that is excellent for tissue adhesion pulls whole soft tissue, which enables the Mesh to be adhered, and this can help to achieve perfect nose line from nose bridge to the nose tip.

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