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Friday, April 7, 2017

Perfect S-line, Perfect rear-ly - Buttock Augmentation

Perfect S-line, Perfect rear-ly - Buttock Augmentation

Curvy line starts from Breast Enlargement and yet finishing touch comes from the back!

In the past, people preferred a skinny body, but recently people more prefer healthy and glamorous body. In recent years, lots of people inquiring about hip-up (buttock) surgery.
Let's take a look what is hip-up implant surgery- no more squart challenge needed!

As everyone look different, their hips are look different too.
When you decide to have a buttock augmentation surgery, you have to consider about your sagging hip levels, degrees, elasticity, shape, size .. etc and design your surgery. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has many experiences of buttock surgery not only for Koreans but also for many foreigners.
As everyone knows, WONJIN is best in breast augmentation surgery, it is also for the best buttock augmentation surgery.

The incision for a buttock augmentation with implants is placed in the intergluteal cleft, also know as the gluteal crease. The scar is small, about 3-5 cm, and easily hidden by bikini or underwear.
For implant size, we would like to recommend you to have a consultation with our experienced surgeon. After buttock augmentation, it will creates voluminous and firm hips and even make your legs look more longer and waist look thinner.

It often combine with liposuction to enhance the body contour and gluteal shape. Liposuction is extra options.
After a buttock augmentation, you may feel a little discomfort and pain when you walk. However, this is a very natural symtoms and it will goes down within 2-4 weeks depends on your condition. When you done the hip-up surgery, you have to sleep on your stomach for several days. For this reason, you cannot have a breast augmentation and buttock augmentation at the same time.

Natural Hip-up surgery, create gorgeous backside profile without knowing anyone.
Wonjin's buttock surgery is not only just give the volume, but also soft to the touch.
Your apple hip is waiting in WONJIN Beauty Medical Group.

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