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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ten Health Benefits of eating strawberries

Ten Health Benefits of eating strawberries

Do you like strawberries?
The strawberry is one of the spring fruits and it is fresh and sweet fruit.

Ten Health Benefits of eating strawberries

Do you know that the strawberries are also good on your health beyond sweetness and flavor? For those of who don’t know of it, I would like to explain you the 10 effects of strawberries.


The effects of eating strawberry

1. Strawberry is full of anthocyanins which can prevent to cancer and help to improve your eyesight.

2. Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C which can strengthen immunity for prevention of a disease. Vitamins C of strawberry contain twice as much lemon and 10 times as much Apple. You can consume the daily recommended quantity of Vitamin if you eat four strawberries every day. It is also good for high-blood pressure and anemia. Also it helps to relieve stress as well.

3. Strawberry contains not only vitamin C but Vitamin A1, B1, B2, and other minerals which are good for neuralgia and arthritis. 4. Strawberry is fiber-rich fruits to improve blood flow. It also activates the work of your intestines to improve constipation.

5. Strawberry helps to prevent melanin pigmentation on the skin and it is good for preventing freckles, and suppression of skin.

6. People who have weak gums eat strawberries often then it can help to strengthen the gums and prevent the alveolar pyorrhea.

7. Strawberry is helpful for the prevention of colds and relieving fatigue as well.


8. When you eat strawberries with sugar, it prevents the absorption of good nutrients of the strawberries. Therefore, it is better not to eat strawberries with sugar.
9. If you eat strawberries with milk or yogurt, you will be able to eat good nutrients of the strawberries efficiently.

10. Strawberries help to control the good hormones to enhance your physical strength. Strawberry which is good in taste is also good for health. Isn’t it really good?

For people who love to eat strawberries, some of them wonder how to wash strawberries properly. Some people use salt water to clean the pesticide cleanly. In this case, the osmotic pressure may cause the pesticide on the surface to penetrate into the strawberries. It is best to wash strawberries three times in flowing water.

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