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Wonjin's brand new cosmetic "Litania" has been released.

Wonjin's brand new cosmetic "Litania" has been released.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group's cosmetic brand, Dr.Wonjin, has released 'Litania Bio Placenta' set of 4.
No matter what price range skincare products are or how their quality is, they should get absored well through your skin. Scientific skin care that more penetrates deeply into the skin!

Dr.Wonjin's ceaseless product research and development has brought the result of 'Dr.Wonjin Litania Bio Placenta' along with dermocare's expertise and patented hyaluronic acid DDS (Drug Delivery System)
All 4 different products are double functional cosmetics (whitening + wrinkle improvement) and have been certified by KFDA. In addition to this, KDRI (Korean Dermatology Research Institute) proved that these products are 'irritation free'.

Energy Activator

Energy Activator is a face mist typed treatment toner that is the first step of skin care routine after cleansing. It replenishes the moisture and elasticity of the skin which is easy to disappear, filled with the patented Dr.Wonjin's exclusive ingredient, 'W-701 EGF Complex' and uses amino water (bio water) instead of regular purified water to help absorb the skin.
It can also function as a mask sheet using cotton pad or gauze that rich nutrients and moisture is soaked.

Extra Firming Booster

Extra Firming Booster creates lustrous and elastic skin and vegetable bio placenta ingredient that is found from rye improves rough skin texture by restoring skin vitality.
In addition to this, Wonjin's exclusive patented regenerating DDS composition and matrix EGF for hydration and elasticity can give effects of wrinkle improvement and natural glowing skin.

Advanced cream

Advanced cream is an anti-aging care cream for wrinkle treatment and pure skin. It contains sodium chondroitin sulfate from snail with various nutritional components,
Wonjin's exclusive regenerating DDS composition, matrix EGF, and vegetable bio placenta composition, which create lustrous and elastic skin.

Recovery Eye Cream

Recovery Eye Cream is an aging care treatment cream for brightening around eyes and eye wrinkle improvement. Its various components including β-glucan component extracted from Chaga mushroom, Wonjin's exclusive regenerating DDS composition,
Matrix EGF and vegetable bio placenta composition can prevent aging around the eyes while increasing on the skin elasticity.


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