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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Scarlet Laser!!

Let me introduce a laser which can cure multi symptoms!!

“Scarlet laser” is a combination of the word => Scar+ Lifting

Scarlet laser is also called as “Fraxel+Thermage”. It is a laser to cure multi symptoms
It is equipment combined of high frequency and stamp using micro-needle as a passage. It can be treated safely and effectively by utilizing physical treatment and high frequency energy around the needle for lifting effect, wrinkle improvement, elasticity improvement, acne and other various skin problems.
It is possible to cure even up to 0.1mm depends on customers’ facial condition rather than a bundle of treatment.

Recommended for those who… 1) Have droop and sagging skin and have a problem of line of facial expression.
2) Experienced inconvenience to manage due to the wide pore.
3) Have facial redness or darkness due to the flush or capillary enlargement.
4) Have acne scar or any scars.
5) Have dark skin tone and freckle due to pigmented skin disease.
6) Want to lose fat in the chin and have a V line.
7) Have wrinkles in the neck and double chin due to loose skin under the chin.
8) Have stretch marks or goose bumps due to rough skin.

Advantage of Scarlet Laser!
"Less Pain,Less Down Time, No Side Effect"
1. Scarlet is an equipment to cure various problems of skin at the same time.
2. It is possible to transmit energy directly to the dermis so after the procedure, the period of recovery is short due to a mild degree of dead skin cell, scab etc.
3. Scarlet laser procedure has little pain, bleeding, and side effect. Therefore, it is suitable for those who work.
4. This procedure has no relationship with a season and outdoor activity is possible after the procedure.

The effect of Scarlet Laser! 1. Pore improvement-You can see the effect of pore tightening because it tightens continuously from the deep layer to the shallow layer of the skin and the new skin comes on with a single procedure

2.Skin elasticity improvement-It can improve elasticity of skin because it transmits high frequency energy directly to the fiber of elasticity of ageing skin.

3.Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth improvement - you can not expect an effect from existing laser procedure since around the eyes and mouth are very sensitive. However, Scarlet laser can improve effectively because it is possible to transmit high frequency to around the eyes and mouth directly.

4.Skin regeneration effect – It transmits high frequency directly inside the skin so it has no or little damage on skin and it is effective for acne scars and scars because it transmits high frequency stably and promotes collagen reproduction.

5.Skin tone improvement effect – Since it effectively stimulates fibroblast in the dermis, skin tone can be improved brightly

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