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Ways to care for oily skin

People who have oily skin worry about their glistening faces as summer gets going~
Skin trouble occurs due to increase in oil production, so let’s get to know the ways to care for oily skin!

Having a good cleansing is the most important skin care steps for oily skin~!
Face-washing twice daily is recommended for oily skin.

Especially when the temperature rises, sebum secretion is increased and fine dust or waste accumulate easily above the pores. Thus, cleansing skin thoroughly is necessary.

It is important to thoroughly clean your skin.

3 step cleansing routine
First, remove your makeup using makeup remover or cleansing water.
After 1st cleansing, create an abundant form lather using foam cleanser to gently massage across your entire face (especially nose, cheek, chin, forehead that are oily areas) and rinse thoroughly.

Dispense toner for oily skin onto a cotton pad and gently swipe around your face working outwards. Make sure you gently wipe it so that it is not irritating your skin and adjust the number of times of applying it depending on your skin condition.

The most important part of oily skin care is washing your face thoroughly every day.
Deep cleansing of your face about twice a week is another way to care your oily skin. After the cleansing process, steaming the skin with steamed towel that will allow for pores to open and extract impurities from skin.

It is recommended to use a sheet masks that are perfect for sebum, exfoliation and soothing skin rather than moisturizer and nourishment once or twice a week.

Get smooth skin with a sheet masks that help remove sebum and impurities from your pores.

It is good to apply only 1~2 products that are good for oily skin after cleansing to keep your skin balanced.
If you use only toner to minimize oil, then your skin will get dehydrated, which lead to have greasy but dry skin. Thus, don’t forget to use proper skin care products to keep your skin balanced.

People with oily skin face usually wear thick makeup as the makeup fades and melts off easily, and this will clog your pores, increase your sebum secretion and cause a number of other skin problems. Therefore, try to apply minimum layers.
If you know the oily skin care methods, you will have less wrinkles compared to other skin types, get better skin elasticity and keep your face young.


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