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*WONJIN's Barbie Line Project "Yellow Bottle" *

WONJIN's Barbie Line Project "Yellow Bottle"

Perfect bodies! S-line booster! They are stealing your spotlight!
A new concept of liposuction- You can see the amount of fat that sucked out directly in front of your eye!

What is "Yellow Bottle"?
Wonjin Baros (Body Contouring Center)’s one day body care treatment proceeds by extracting demanded amount of adipose tissues from parts you may feel inflated using a special syringe and present the extracted adipose on spot.

“Yellow Bottle” principle of procedure
Fat cells can always expand to their original size and even grow larger = gained weight

Everyone in the early 20’s is determined by the number of adipocytes and homeostasis (to maintain a constant state of change in the environment) will be maintained. You will gain weight as your fat cells become expanded. ‘melting fat injection’ which supports lipolysis by decreasing the size of fat cells, combining the advantages of “liposuction-to extract large amounts of fat”, It is possible to extract adipose at the desired time, desired area, and desired amount.

-Advantage of Yellow Bottle Extracted fat identification system -!!
You can trust it as you can check the amount of liposuctioned fat immediately after the procedure.

I can strongly recommend with Wonjin’s unequaled techonology-!!
Short treatment time around 15 minutes per area, you can check the amount of liposuctioned fat immediately after the treatment, decreased size, try to minimize bruising and swelling, quick return to your daily work, able to have water activities after a week.

Extraction of the desired area, rational extraction by the desired amount, you can have multiple body areas treated in one session to maximize efficiency “One treatment, one hour, one size smaller”, no incisions, minimizes scarring, fat transfer also possible within 2 weeks

We will diet not only your body but also your time and financial burden.
Extraction of the desired area, rational extractions by the desired amount, local/general anesthesia is unnecessary and short treatment and recovery time, do not require follow checkups after suctioned, efficient procedure

It is okay with topical anesthetic creams, yellow bottle is performed without sleeping or general anesthesia, It does not require preparation for anesthesia (such as fasting, remove gel nails … etc) and less procedure/recovery time

Yellow bottle treatment for removing pure adipocytes is different in the amount of fat depening on the number of bottles.

However, if you have a lymphatic circulation disorder, you may feel that there is no line improvement due to the volume expansion caused by edemas.

In this care, improving lymphatic circulatory disturbances is a priority for a certain diet effect.

-Ideal candidates

01. Remove fat from certain body parts.

02. Have the desired body shape with a minimum cost.

03. Who had insufficient effect of weight loss injections (HPL, Girl group injection, Melting fat injection… etc)

04. Scared to go through with liposuction (under local anesthesia, high cost, large amount of fat removed at once)

05. Have a matter of diet.

06. Who don’t want to yo-yo diet, who want to do it properly.

- Yellow Bottle Treatment Areas Arms / Upper Mid Back / Upper Lower Abdomen / Flanks & Lower back / Love handle / Buttocks / Lower buttocks / Outer Inner Thighs / Knees / Calves

WONJIN, barbie line, Yellow Bottle, Diet, Good Bodty, Liposuction, 
Yellow Bottle WONJIN's Barbie Line Project "Yellow Bottle"WONJIN, barbie line, Yellow Bottle, Diet, Good Bodty, Liposuction, 
WONJIN's Barbie Line Project Yellow Bottle Yellow Bottle WONJIN's Barbie Line Project "Yellow Bottle"WONJIN, barbie line, Yellow Bottle, Diet, Good Bodty, Liposuction, 
WONJIN's Barbie Line Project Yellow Bottle


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