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A Bulbous nose surgery. It can be improved to a classy and modern impression.

In superstition, a bulbous nose considered as good impression which makes money. However, most of cases it can be a stressful because a blunt nose can give off plain and dull impression.

Since the nose is located in the center of the face, even if you try to change it in various ways, such as contouring makeup, but it is not easy to improve bulbous nose.
Especially, there is demerit about bulbous nose that the nostril is considerably bigger than the whole face and spreads widely, thus bulbous nose surgery can refine the nose for a shaper and slimmer appearance.

A bulbous nose or blunt nose tip is common features of the Asian nose that is generally made up of small cartilage in Alar and thick skin, requiring very suitable surgical method according to individual’s condition.
To improve above concerns, many people consider having nostril reduction and filler injection, but if they are a reckless and impatient to decide having a surgery, they may not see the desired results.
Since there are a variety of causes besides can be seen, it is important to consider both the external appearance and internal function before deciding on the procedure.

A bulbous nose surgery is the surgery that finds out the fundamental causes, and resolves them such as large cartilage in nostrils gets trimmed to be smaller and sutured, removing subcutaneous fat and suturing cartilage inside of nostrils, so it makes natural slim nose.
Not only reducing the size of nose but also could achieve desired shape of nose by using autologous tissue like ear cartilage and septum cartilage etc. A bulbous surgery is one of the most satisfactory surgery, because it can be easily observed the difference between before and after by simply reducing the size of the nose and slightly changing the shape.

In WONJIN BEAUTY MEDICAL GROUP, “Since the process of osteotomy of the nose is difficult, so it is advisable to thoroughly consult with the medical staff before the operation, and make a customized nose according to the individual’s face through accurate diagnosis.” Also, “it is important to find a shape that fits each individual, considering the balance of the face, the width of the nose and the lips, the angle and the ratio of the nose.”

On the other hand, for the safe recovery of the rhinoplasty, a prohibition against smoking and drinking is required, and bleeding may occur after the operation. So it is recommended to avoid that stimulate the nose, lying face down while you sleeping and lower your head.


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