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Protruded mouth can be treated and improved by two-jaw surgery

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has explained that “protruded mouth refers to the location of the front teeth and gums are protruded beyond the normal range. Even and straight teeth but protruded ulitis is also considered as protruded mouth and also protruded teeth and gum as well.

The most protruded mouth is caused by genetic and the wrong habits are acquired as environmental factor. These protruding mouths are problem aesthetically, but they can also cause functional problems such as poor pronunciation and hard to close the mouth.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group said that if patient neglect the protruded mouth, other diseases such as oral dryness, respiratory tract disease, and jaw joint disorder can also occur since he/she will use the mouth to breathe while sleeping. Therefore, two-jaw surgery is necessary.

In the case of Asians’ protruded mouth, ulitis itself protrudes more than the teeth. In this case, it is not possible to correct the protruding mouth effectively by only orthodontic treatment. Therefore, if the ulitis protruded, the ulitis itself should be pushed in or the complex protruded mouth should be corrected by two-jaw surgery.

It is important to select a hospital with full experiences doctor with accurate examination because it will help to determine different types of surgical procedures depends on the exact condition of the patient's teeth and jaw joint structure and any functional problem considering the overall balance of the face through the consultation.


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