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Deviated nose plastic surgery improves nose function and aesthetic appearance together

Now a days, the function of nose is easily getting weak because the temperature from outside and inside is different due to cold weather. So lots of people are suffering with the block nose which is one of the symptoms of the cold. Block nose and deviated nasal septum has similar symptoms so people usually neglect it as they think that it is just the cold.

Block nose can be also happened when the septum of nose is banded or not straight. When the septum of nose is not straight, it can be cause of deviated nasal septum with headache, block nose, nose bleeding, rhinitis, sinus infection, and snoring or sleep disorder. These can be improved through resection of nose septum cartilage, or partially resection of inferior nasal concha or reduced through high frequency treatment.

Block nose can be the reason of rhinitis or the cold so people usually misunderstand that they have rhinitis or the cold and have treatment for it. However it also can be the reason of deviated nasal septum, so you need to check with this also.

Nose is one of the important parts of the body because it is in charge of the breathing. So it is important for you to progress the surgery with the ENT specialists who can perform plastic surgery as well, have lots of experiences and have full understanding of nose because the level of the surgery is really high.

For deviated nose plastic surgery, through the nose osteotomy, the center of both side of nose will be resected then the bone will be re-arranged into the right position. If the level of the deviation is low, cartilage or dermis can be inserted onto the deviated area to make it look like that it is not deviated.

If patients are suffering with deviated nasal septum, they need to have surgery which is different with rhinitis treatment to make deviated septum straight, people can have deviated nose since they were born or it can be happened acquired.


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