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Treatments for Anti-aging/Youthful appearance, How to stay looking youthful?

Korean plastic surgery

The beauty standard that all women agree has been the youthful appearance. Anti-aging treatments have been the most interesting topic for people who want to keep/improve their youthful look.

Let’s talk about treatments for anti-aging and youthful appearance today.

Korean plastic surgery

Fat grafting on your face can be a great option if you don’t have enough facial fat (no volume) or have sunken areas with wrinkles. Autologous fat grafting is a treatment that gives volume and fills sunken areas on your face with your own fat extracted from your abdomen, thigh, or butt where unnecessary fat has been accumulated.

Fat grafting is popular and common for anti-aging treatment including the following cases; those who have sunken or asymmetric forehead, have sunken eyelids, have low nasal bridge, have gaunt looking face, and need smile line wrinkle improvement. The methods of fat grafting are various: Fine fat grafting that transplants little amount of fat on each part as desired, Lipokit fat grafting that uses the special device that prevents air contact when extracting fat, Stem-cell fat grafting that its effect lasts for a long time, and SmartPrep2 fat grafting that transplant healthy fat and adult stem cells together.

Korean plastic surgery

Fat grafting treatment requires advanced professional devices to prevent fat damage when extracting and exquisite skills of doctor to transplant professionally on accurate areas for a satisfactory and long lasting result. Only highly skilled doctors with plentiful clinical experiences can bring satisfactory results by not only filling the sunken areas but also making volume for beautiful dimensional effect on your face.

Also, the most effective anti-aging treatment with lesser pressure than other surgical methods is ‘Lifting’. ‘Lifting’ here means pulling up the droopy skins to improve wrinkles and skin elasticity.

Korean plastic surgery

Nowadays threads with barbs (cogs) are preferred comparing to regular threads. V lifting uses the thread with barbs that stimulate skin derma layer, expedite blood circulation, and improve skin elasticity due to collagen production.,

Lifting treatment is recommended for younger generation who wants facial slim V line or fine wrinkle improvement and also for mid-aged class who wants to improve aged skin and wrinkles. The treatment takes 30 to 40 minutes, requires local or deep sleep anesthesia, and allows patient to do daily activities right after the treatment without hospitalization at the clinic. The effect stays semi-permanent, and using the special thread with lots of barbs (cogs) is the most popular method among our patients.

Korean plastic surgery

Types of lifting: V lifting that is described above, Mesh lifting that uses the thread with high elasticity, Ultra V lifting that uses the thread that safely melts in human body after a certain period of time, Endotine that uses implant, Laser lifting lately without using threads, Incisional lifting that remove unnecessary muscles.

There are many side effects can happen by illegal lifting treatment such as thread exposure outside of the skin or the ‘dimple phenomenon’ which means skin gets hollowed. When a doctor has not enough clinical experiences or when an illegal thread without approval by FDA is used, the above side effects may happen. It is strongly recommended to get lifting treatment by specialist with plentiful clinical experiences to prevent any possibility for side effects.


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