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How to quickly reduce swelling after double eyelid surgery

How to quickly reduce swelling after double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgeries are commonly received during the winter holidays.
As the New Year approaches, many women plan to make their eyes more attractive with double eyelid surgery
and there are many who eagerly count the days until they can become more beautiful.

Double eyelid surgery can make eyes bigger and wider,
but many women worry about the swelling that occurs afterwards.
Swelling is unavoidable after surgery. Is there a way to make swelling reduce quickly?
Let’s find out how to make swelling quickly go away as well as proper steps to manage eyelids after surgery.

Why does swelling occur after double eyelid surgery?
Double eyelid surgery involves artificially creating a double eyelid line and there can be damage to the surrounding tissues. When veins and cells become damaged, the veins become more permeable to bodily fluids. This causes the eyelids to become bruised and swollen after surgery.

1. The point of massages is timing! It is important to perform the correct massages at the right time.

> Reduce swelling for the first 3 days after surgery with cold pack massages.
Swelling occurs right after double eyelid surgery. Swelling becomes more severe 2~3 days after surgery. This occurs because plasma leaks into the surrounding tissues at this time. It is important to reduce plasma discharge through cold pack massages. Cold pack massages help to suppress plasma discharge and should be done continuously for 3 days after surgery!

> Starting the 4th day after surgery, alternate between cold and hot pack massages.
Swelling starts to reduce on the 4th day. Hot pack massages are effective for stimulating the lymph nodes to quickly provide swelling relief.
However, cold pack massages are effective for reducing swelling in the mornings. It is recommended to start with cool massages on your swollen eyelids.

2. Get rid of swelling through walking and light exercise

> Improved blood circulation helps swelling reduce faster.
Starting hot pack massages after double eyelid surgery helps to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. Taking light walks or exercise improves blood circulation which helps the body get rid of fluids which cause swelling.

> Excessive exercises can be detrimental to your body.
After surgery it is important to keep your body in a good condition to quickly reduce swelling. However, overworking your body through exercise can weaken your condition and slow down recovery. Perform light cardiovascular exercises and avoid pressure or straining your eyes!

3. Improve swelling and reduce pain by raising your pillow height

> Sleeping with head in elevated position can help reduce swelling.
Sleeping on 2~3 pillows placed on top of each other can help to reduce swelling and relieve pain after surgery. Sleeping with your head raised is beneficial because gravity helps blood to flow down the body

> Lying down all day is off limits!
Lying down with your head raised is beneficial, but lying down all day is not. Hot pack massages and light exercises after double eyelid surgery are recommended. For the first 3 days after surgery, being in a seated position can help swelling from increasing.

4. Take medication timely and as prescribed
> Taking medication as prescribed can help prevent more swelling and inflammation.
Medication is important in helping to manage swelling! The medicine prescribed from the clinic not only helps you recover quicker, but also contains antibiotics which help prevent inflammation. Therefore, medication should be taken as prescribed. Managing inflammation can help prevent swelling as well as lead to a quicker recovery.

> Don’t even think about dieting! Taking regular meals is important in recovery.
Getting enough nutrition from meals is important for post operation recovery. Excessive dieting can weaken the immune system. For pretty double eyelids, you should take meals regularly and get much rest.

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