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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Best Plastic surgery in Korea?, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group ♥

Best Plastic surgery in Korea?,
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group ♥

Price for plastic surgery is different for everybody.
Many people who does the plastic surgery, has different cost for surgeries.
There won’t be too much difference in the surgery costs; therefore it will be good to know at least rough cost of plastic surgeries.
To know the price of the surgery, we have to have before the surgery photo.
Go to the web site below, and request for surgery simulation and
ask for the surgery costs.  It doesn’t need any membership, therefore it is very comfortable to use.

The above picture is the patient who had surgeries in Wonjin it goes
Before the surgery -> surgery simulation photo -> after the surgery.
This is how we get the rough cost of the surgeries.
This is a maximized photo of patinet after the surgery.
If there is any question about the surgery price, you can request for online consultation.
There is need of joining for the membership, but we  strongly recommend you to have online consultation first, and finding where the surgeries are needed, if you are planning to have plastic surgeries in the future.
Model Photo shoots after the surgery
Photo taken with model’s phone
Self Photo shot 5 months after the surgery
Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
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Mobile: +82 10 4918 3309 
Wechat ID: wonjinjenny

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