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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Min Hee Kim on MBC queen “Miracle challenge”

Min Hee Kim on MBC queen
“Miracle challenge”


Min Hee Kim on MBC queen “Miracle challenge”
Min Hee Kim who had inferiority on her facial appearance who had to stop going forward for her dreams to be a “Singer”.  Last month she was on the MBC queen “Miracle challenge” and it was surprising to see her stepping forward for her dreams.
On broadcast, she was conflicting between the reality and the dream of becoming a singer because she has to care for her mum and her brother who has sight disability. We proceeded on having a photo shoot with her. To show the perfect transformation, the specialist stylist, and hair designer and make-up artist has worked together.
Min Hee Kim said that “In every audition, pronunciation due to malocclusion was always the problem”. Also because of my long protruding chin, before I show them all my talent, they tended to see my appearance more first.  By having Two Jaw surgery and face contouring surgery in Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, the pronunciation has improved, and also my facial contour has improved a lot.  
 The representative surgeon of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Dr.Wonjin Park explained that “Ms. Min Hee Kim already have been getting the orthodontic treatment. However, herconditions were not good at all. Therefore, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group focused on improving functional aspect and aesthetic aspect both at the same time through two jaw and face contouring surgeries.

Ms.Min Hee Kim who did a very good job at photo shot for the first time implied that “I was really nervous because it was my very first photo shoot, but even Wonjin staff members came to the studio to support me and I got used to the photo shooting easily. I am so happy that I do not have to worry about my looking in order to sing. I will do my best to make my dreams come true. I sincerely appreciate all the help support from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group that gives me a new opportunity to sing.”


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