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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Upturned nose?, People who wants to get rid of piggy nose shape, who wants to have nostril reduction surgery

Examples of upturned and piggy nose
There are many Asian people who have low nose bridge
and their nostrils are shown from the frontal view.

Generally, they are teased about upturned and piggy nose shape.
This is a part that has lots of problems.

<Photo from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group> 

Especially, when nose tip is upturned, it make your face look bigger.
In case of small face, nostrils look bigger so it makes a strong image.

So we would like to recommend Rhinoplasty for these people.

Short, blunt, and upturned nose        Zygoma protrusion+Square jaw

<Photo from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group>
It is very effective when you get Rhinoplasty and Zygoma reduction surgery together.
Because, it makes your face line slimmer and more distinct.

Nose is in the middle of face and very important. When the faces look three dimensional, the nose must look very pretty.
Most of beautiful girls have very pretty and nice nose shape.^^

<Photo from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group>  
As seen in the before and after photo above, her surgery went well and her nose is balanced.
She looks classier than before.

Her face looks smaller than before and more three dimensional.^^

<Photo from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group>
You can tell by the side profile right?
The operation goes for about 1 hour….
If you have consultation, and body checkup, I will approximately take you about 3 hour time.

<Photo from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group>
The image is showing how the support fixture is holding the nose well.
These kind of pictures let you understand more easily.

<Photo from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group>
You can see it is well operated from the side profile as well.
For women, it is ideal not to have any curves from ear to the opposite ear.
I think that is why they have smile line, cheekbone reduction kind of surgeries or procedures.

<Photo from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group>
This image is showing the process of the rhinoplasty
You can clearly see how the nose surgery is done by this image.
<Photo from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group>
This image is showing how the tip of the nose is extended downwards, and it is holding it with support fixture.
You can see by the image that the nose that was upturned is gone down.

<Photo from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group>
This person had very severe upturned nose shape, but her nose is much improved after the rhinoplasty.^^
Thank you very much ^^
Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
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