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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

When should i start caring about thread lifting?

When do we have to start concerning about lifting?
Do we have to care about lifting from the 20's? or from the 30's?
or from the 40's to 50's?

There must be a difference among individuals, but if you lost elasticity on you skin then we recommend you to consider about getting thread lifting.
As the photo above, thread lifting is a procedure which inserts a thread into skin.
There will be no problem with inserting thread into your face. Because the thread is the suture thread that is used for thoracic and cardiovascular surgery suture, so it is very safe.
Generally, people who have saggy skin, get thread lifting to gain elasticity of skin again.
As the photo above, thread lifting can improve the wrinkles on cheek, smile line, the elasticity of skin, and so on. 
Simply, there are two types of threads; one is melting thread which melts after a certain period of time in our body. The other is non-melting thread which is used to improve deep wrinkles. Therefore, non-melting thread is used for women older than the 40's mostly.

By inserting thread into skin, it stimulates collagen and improves the elasticity of skin.
Therefore, the skin looks smooth.
If there are fine wrinkles and deep wrinkles, if we use non- melting, and melting threads together it will be more effective.
If sagging skin are concerning you, i think it will be good to think about thread lifting procedures.
Above patient improved a lot, she looks 10 years younger.
Tightness of her skin and sagging skin looks so much improved by the thread lifting that she did.
For women in 20’s ~ 30’s i want to suggest melting thread and for women in 40’s I want to suggest non-melting thread. The patient can feel repulsion about the thread being left, but after time goes by it will be improved.  
One more thing, there are lot of types of thread in non-melting thread.
To get more tightened up skin, so they come to have whirlwind lifting a lot these days.
Having thread lifting, we can regenerate the skin to keep the tightness of the skin.
Lastly, constant cleansing, and skin care is going to be the most
important thing right?
Even if you have thread lifting, to keep the clear skin, you need to care about the habits as well.

Thank you and hope to hear from you guys soon~^^
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