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Friday, November 6, 2015

Make Your Nose Tip Beautiful Safely Using Your Own Cartilage

Make Your Nose Tip Beautiful Safely Using Your Own Cartilage

By using your own cartilage, you can make your nose tip very naturally beautiful with very low inflammation possibility. Unlike any other implant, it’s soft and does not cause a problem like making your skin thin, so it’s very good material to use at the tip of your nose.
01. Septum Cartilage
It’s the most commonly used cartilage for Rhinoplasty. It is a cartilage that’s dividing the space inside of your nose. There is no worry of exposure of this tissue even if you have thin skin. It is very suitable for Rhinoplasty due to its horizontal shape and good supporting power. Also, it is excised inside of your nose during the surgery, so there is no need for a further incision.
02. Ear Cartilage
It has greater elasticity than Septum cartilage, so it promises nose tip shape even more natural and beautiful. Just like a septum cartilage, it is a good material for nose tip surgery since there is merely no see-through of this cartilage after the surgery. It is a safe surgery since it is collected at the back of your ear where it really has no function.
03. Rib Cartilage
This is only being used when the patient’s nose became short due to capsular contracture from several surgeries and inflammation. The advantage of using Rib cartilage is that it’s abundant and the inflammation rate is low. Also, it has good supporting power and low absorption rate leading to a beautiful nose with prominent tip.

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