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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Wonjin’s Beauty information to make you more beautiful!

There were certain foods to take in certain seasons only. But now, we may have all different kinds of foods whenever we want! The good thing about the season food is that it has all the good nutrients with best quality. If not take the season food in its season, it is cultivated by chemical ingredients which aren’t good as natural ingredients

1. Lettuce

You may think that season for lettuce is the summer, but it is actually after the rainy season in summer. It can also be used as tooth paste like pear. Dry the leaves ad root of lettuce and powder it and use it when brushing your teeth, you will have effect of whitening.

2.    Pear

The sugar content of pear is lower than apple. But it feels sweeter than apple because of bracys clereid cell in pears. When we chew that stone cell, the juice comes out more and it also has diuretic effect to avoid the constipation. When you brush your teeth with what is left inside the pear, it has good effect of whitening.
3.  Shrimp
People who are lack of stamina should consider having shrimps for more energy. It is full of calcium as much as anchovy. The season for shrimp is right before the breeding which is from March to April, and October to November.

4.   Mackerel

The breeding season for mackerel is summer. After the breeding, mackerel takes a lot of food in fall to live winter. Within this time, the fats are contained very much which make the mackerels oily and fresh. External blue colored fish like mackerel has unsaturated fatty acid which is good for health.

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